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Clever Training Log Title


I decided to keep a training log online since I lose the ones I write. I was doing 5/3/1 for the past few months. I liked it alright, but I decided to do something that allowed me just 3 days a week due to my schedule. Basketball season is about over, but softball season is about to start. Typically work about 60-70 hours a week during coaching times.

Anyway, I decided to go with Doggcrapp since it's quick and only puts me in the gym 3 days a week. Plus, I've got a smith machine and leg press at home in case I need to do some stuff at home. So my tentative schedule is:

Preacher curls
Seated calves
Romanian deadlifts
Leg press

Smith incline bench
Standing shoulder press
Pulldowns (widegrip)

Barbell curls
Standing calves
Leg curls

Machine shoulder press
Skull crushers
Rack chins (maybe pulldowns)
Barbell rows

Reverse curls
Donkey calves
Good mornings
Hack squats

DB Incline bench
DB shoulder press
Smith closegrip bench
Closegrip pulldowns
Seated Rows



Preacher curls 85x14 rp
Seated calves 90x13 ss
Romanian deadlift 245x14 rp
Leg press 630x4 500x21

Been battling a stomach bug for the past few days. I think I dropped about 5 pounds total. I weighed in at about 209. I was afraid to push too hard because I didn't want to make a fudge factory at the gym. Still not bad I guess for my first session. I also skipped the forearms movement because my forearms have always looked like Popeye's anyway. I'll do them later if that changes I guess.



Smith Incline 205x12rp
Military press 145x11rp (cheated the last one up)
Dips +45x14rp
Pulldowns 140x14rp
Barbell rows 225x6, 185x10

I decided to do the barbell rows over deadlifts today because my traps were still sore from the Romanian deadlifts the other day. Just decided to spread the deadlifts out. Military press was a lot harder than I thought after the incline press. Shoulders already felt weak. Still pretty fun workout again. Back to work tomorrow :frowning:


Barbell curls 105x14rp
Donkey calves 90x12ss
Leg curls 70x11rp
Squats 255x5, 215x20

Was really unmotivated tonight. Got home late and was rushing through everything. I did really deep squats this time around and dropped about 40lbs from what I was doing 5 reps with. I weighed in yesterday at about 216 again. Gotten a bit more flabby around the midsection. Probably need to try to work in a bit more cardio. Depends on how much time I'll have.