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Clever Hans & Election 2008 Polls


Very interesting piece about why the polls might (once again) be way off:



Bah! More racist diatribe from a racist piece of white trash McCain supporter! that article is so laden with hatred for blacks that I can almost smell the trailer park it was written from, from my computer.

I can't wait for a hot, sexy, beautiful black man becoming president of America! And all you racists, hey, do us all a favor. When Obama is crowned king of everything, will you people PLEASE move to another country? PLEASE?

Hey, the 1950s called..... They want their ideals back!

The post was intended as a JOKE! Please try and have a little fun with it!


I've stated more than once that these Polls have little meaning; and Obama has stated as such.

While they may have some value as a "guage" of where a candidate needs to do a little extra work, I feel that they will be a VERY poor predictor of this election.

We will see how poor when McCain/Palin wins this election.



You have a VERY negative attitude. I really don't understand how anyone, at this stage, thinks that McCain has a snowballs chance in hell of pulling off a win.

If it makes you feel better, in all my years of voting, I have never voted for the "winner" of any election.

Obama's going to win by a landslide. In fact, the MSM will probably be declaring Obama as the winner WELL before all the votes are counted.



You have been the voice of reason during this election cycle and I commend you for it.

I agree with your assesment of the polling question. Not because I am a McCain supporter but because I can't imagine, when given the choice, people will choose an inexperienced socialist as their leader. They may answer a poll to the contrary but they won't vote that way. Dems need to be up by 6-8% to overcome the polling bias and I don't see that happening.

It's closer then the polls show and in the end I agree, McCain in a close election.


I putting my money on Obama and big Democrat gains in conrgress.


McCain will be lucky to get 200 electoral votes. I bet he won't get 150, and he will lose a Republican stronghold in a "shocker". I'm not talking about Indiana, either. Obama can already chalk it up. I'm thinking McCain will lose Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, or Kansas.


What are you guys basing your predictions on - gut feeling? History? What?

How can any predict what's going to happen when polling - particularly in such a charged election - is fraught with such imprecision?


If McCain loses Kansas, I think it's safe to say that the Republicans are going to have a mass heart attack. Who knows, maybe that will be what they need to go back to true conservatism. Or, perhaps the party will take that as an indicator that they're not left enough.

Obama in clear victory. It won't be close. McCain's campaign has ensured that.


It's just so obvious, that's all really. I look at it this way, this is THE American Idol election of our generation:

On the left we have the young, hip, hot and sexy black guy who invokes all those wonderful JFK feelings and MUST be elected because it will throw the specter of racism under the bus and give whites some way to alieviate white guilt.

On the right, a 72 year old white guy.

No contest. Obama by a landslide.


Monsieur Tourettes,

My sarcasm meter may be set too low, so I'm not sure if you're serious. In case you are: yell, yeah, I get that, but LOOK AT ALL THOSE FUCKING RACISTS!!!! LOOK! LOOK AT THOSE HICK FUCKERS!!


ahem...as I was saying....

Yeah, I get what you're saying, but I think Obama's very vocal supporters might possibly be drowning out the majority, a majority composed of average Joes and Jills who are too busy paying the bills (AND STUMBLING AROUND THEIR TRAILER PARKS DRUNK ON THEIR RACIST FURY!!!!....)

-ahem....and working and taking care of their families to be bothered by such a fake. And probably wouldn't be fooled by him anyway.

But that's just a gut feeling. I'm not sure what else we can go on really.


He's not going to lose Arkansas or Kansas. I don't know if there are enough black people left in LA for Barry to pull it off? MS, who knows, but I believe blue dog dems are not going to vote for Barry in expected numbers.