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Cleveland Show vs King of the Hill


They took off King for this miserable shit? Cleveland gets played all his life by a slut and is now neighbors with a bear who lives in his sub...

Seth McFarlane is just one evil scumbag.


The man is going to be a Billionaire very soon, and apparently the only thing that's stopping his TOTAL domination of the fox Sunday line up is The Simpsons. I had one or two laughs at the Cleveland show and there is some potential for comedy here. American Dad didn't hit its stride until the second season so they are going to have to work out the kinks in order to get this right.

I really enjoyed King of the Hill but Fox hardly gave that show the light of day, the fact that it lasted so long is a testament to the good writing on the show. Fox canceled Futurama WAAAAY too early and that show was much funnier than the Simpsons. Give the Cleavland show a chance, or is it that you just hate the Libral, atheistic, Gay sympathizer called Seth Mcfarlane?


Fuck those shows. They were both terrible.


Oh come on dude, King of the Hill was a GREAT fucking show. Why the hell couldn't they cancel the Simpsons? That show isn't even funny.


who liked King of The Hill anyway? it was so boring, Who would watch a show about Cleveland? What does he do? NOTHING "that'snaaaaaasty"

if anyone deserves a spin off its the mayor, or death

or both, they could live together


Haven't seen the Cleveland show but King of the Hill was great early on. The Family Guy blatantly steals from early Simpsons nonstop and is only funny 'cause of absurdity/lewdness/randomness. The Simpsons has gone down hill, but from seasons 3-9 it was the greatest show of all-time. I'll agree that they cancelled Futurama too early.


I like Family Guy, but I was really amazed at some of the "similarities" when I recently started watching early Simpsons again.


The early seasons of The Simpsons (season 3-10 I would argue) trump almost every adult cartoon on television today. The only competitor is the early seasons of South Park.

King of the Hill in its early stages was far superior to the Cleveland Show, but I will give it the benefit of the doubt and wait and see.


[quote]DixiesFinest wrote:
The early seasons of The Simpsons (season 3-9 I would argue) trump every show in the history of the universe and there is no distant second, third or fourth. Family Guy sucks.

Fixed that for ya.


Ha ha not a fan of season 10 I guess.


King of the Hill was a quality show and Hank Hill is a great role model.

I liked the Cleveland show. It didn't suck nearly as much as I thought it would. Hopefully it gets better.

And Seth McFarlane's liberal, atheist, and gay sympathizing views bother me. But his shows are funny.


Yeah, Stewie saying the Dark Ages wouldn't have happened but for Christianity was pretty stupid, along with a lot of other crap like that.

Shock humor is fine but some of Family Guy is too much.


Holy shit, we agree on something. I guess the world is gonna end.


I was talking about the Cleaveland Show and American Dad, they both blew.


Up yours, American Dad is great.


King of the Hill is an awesome show. "Damn it, Bobby". Oh and boomhaeur is one of my fav characters.


There are a number of video games the predict the end(or at least, the beginning of catastrophe) in 2009, for what it's worth =p

And we all know the Mayan calendar ain't got shit on Secret of Mana and Mega Man(to name 2).


The cleveland show had its moments, ill continue to watch.

Family guy is still awesome, I dont care what anyone sais.

I love KOTH, but I kind of disliked the finale.

I still think the simpsons is... interesting.



Spoiler if you haven't seen the King of the Hill finale.....

That's Special Agent Boomhauer to you.

As for the thread topic, I may be biased (see avatar), but King of the Hill and Cleveland Show shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence.


I'd give a testicle to see Mayor West with his own show. And for those arguing about the best adult cartoon obviously haven't seen Squid Billies.