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Clenbutrol For Fatloss?


Anyone ever try this medication as a fat loss tool, i ran into while on google just reading stuff and it seems pretty promising

Here's a link for the website i read about it on and can purchase it





isn't clen kind of a known fat burner for competitive bodybuilders?


Some dangerous territory you're going there. Yes, it's effective, but the side effects might not be worth it for some people. Just stick with the typical EC stack or HOT-ROX Extreme. Just search this site for clenbuterol, we had some discussions about it not too long ago. Also if you're interested (for knowledge only!!!) search DNP as well.


Clen is pretty widely used for cutting, often stacked with T3. Some people say the sides aren't worth it, and some swear by it. It's thought to be slightly more effective than the ECA stack, but some people say they get better results with ECA, so different strokes I guess?


Made me think of Dan Duchaine.


I think the "sides" of clen are awesome, I like the jittery feeling.

(not including heart hypertrophy when used for long periods of time, lol)


Holy fuck, how many times have one of us offered our two cents regarding this subject? Conquistador hates it, I love it. The capybara is the world largest rodent. Search the site.



lol my lab rat loves the flavor of grape clen. I enjoy the shaking hands too, it makes me know im, er my lab rat is alive. And my lab rat has burned away about 5 lbs in a week. Hell yeah clen is awesome.


Albig -

You using research chemicals now mate? good to see you have seen the light!


yea i cant type where i got em, it got auto edited for some reason. But yea they seem to be working great, just hope my rat doesnt die from using them lol. And still having trouble finding some hcg for my rat, but im working on it.


yea i read it was some crazy shit... but i dunno... i hate that fuckin jittery feeling and such so i'll just stay away from that. I guess its just the HOT-ROX for me... thanks fellas


I would not consider clen "crazy shit" at all. If you use aggressive dosing with an OTC stimulant, caffeine, HOT-ROX, ephedrine, whatever...you will still get jittery. It's the nature of the beast, it's just noticeable with clen at lighter doses.