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Clenbutrol Doesn’t Work for Me?

Hello t-nation forum :wave:t2:
About 10 days ago I started for my first time a Clenbutrol cycle starting at 20mcg and right now I’m at 100mcg and the goal is 140mcg. The problem is that I have seen no results from Clenbutrol or side effects. Diet on point and for the last 2 weeks I am back at the gym but no cardio as I never incorporate it into my workout.
Few things that may be critical. Last year with hard work and 200 calories more of what I am eating right now I reached 6% BF. However, from February due to the fact of COVID-19 and that I joined the army (mandatory in my country) my diet was terrible. I started clean diet 3 weeks now I lost fat but Clenbutrol hasn’t helped, everything I lost is from diet.
So my question is should I increase the dose even more, be patient and it will work, stop Clen and work even harder, or what???
(I am about to take a break from Clen in 4 days and when I cycle back I will stay at 120mcg for 2 weeks)

Thank you all in advance

How exactly do you know that? Is there a scale that shows “diet pounds lost” and “clen pounds lost”? But if you have absolutely zero sides, it’s always possible your clen is bunk.

Well I know that everything I lost is from diet because since I started Clen I haven’t lost a single gram. The idea that the Clen is fake crossed my mind but I took it from a guy that I trust so I don’t know…

My gut feeling is that it isn’t real clen. Haven’t taken it, but from what I understand, you should have sides at that dose. Most will get gitters in the hands at above 60 mcg, if not before.

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Ah I see. I went 20-20-40-40-60-60-80-80-100 and held it there for a total 2 week run. Didn’t have any the first 2 days, but each time I bumped I got the shakes for a day then they went away. At 100 I just felt too “wired” all day and never went above that.

I shook like crazy at 80mcg, couldn’t take it for more than a week or so before I gave in. My guess you don’t have the real thing

I could also be under dosed.

Today I took 120mcg and nothing happened. Is there a way to find out if it is real or not? Like take the temperature hours after I take the pills or something??
Additionally, should the pills dissolve as soon as touching my tongue???

You could run a LabMax test on it:


The lack of results (and side effects) tell you it’s not real. Clen is t like other drugs where some people’s response rates wildly vary. Absolutely everyone will get some effect from it, even it’s minor. Go find a better source.

Ok so I changed my source and took another one. Should I start the cycle immediately or take a break just in case???

Your blood pressure should be higher than normal.

I would suggest taking a break just to be on the safe side, simply because you have absolutely no idea what it really was you were taking.

I have taken it before as high as 100mcg before I started to see any side effects, and once I got as high as 140mcg I would shake, feel my heartbeat, feel anxious, etc. so your stuff might be real and you just have a delayed response similar to me, but best to change source just to make sure.

You’d be surprised what results you can get with very little clen though, despite normal advice that you need to run it at 100-140mcg before it does anything, it’s actually very effective at as low as 40mcg with far less side effects. Especially if you’re using it in conjunction with something like T3.

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