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just wanted to get some insight, a buddy of mine recently gave me about 80 units of clen. I don’t know anything about it. Side effects, purpose, ect ect. starting some research now, theres only so much … anyone ?

search button. theres a ton of info on it

80 units? You’ll have to help me out here bud…

The clen I have used and seen is measured in mcg’s… not units.

Although yes, when used properly, it can be extremely effective.


taking a clen taper right now and i like it a lot.

if you have 80 units, do you mean 80 mcg’s? if yes, thats nothing, will not do a damn thing, thats one day on the cycle. otherwise PM me and i will give you all of the recearch. I have 3 of my trainees on clen right now, and took it myself. Amazing stuff.