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I live in England... does anyone know where I can get hold of Clenbuterol or Yarvitan here? I can probably get it off the net, but are there any trainers anyone knows of that distribute it? Also keen to know what the side effects are?


An easy google will tell you the side effects. Some of my friends in the past who took it made them sweat a lot, jittery and caused them not to sleep too well.


Yep, those are all side effects per Google.


A lighter wallet as a result of spending money on something that aims to replace what a few days of cardio would easily surpass.

I think someone forgot that side-effect.


Do you know this from experience? Did you try Clen once and feel like it was a waste?


Yep. 2 weeks on, I realized it didn't do anything other than waste my time.


Where did you get it? Are you sure you got a good supply?