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I have some questions about good ol’ clenbuterol. I am heading down to mexico in a few weeks and I was advised to buy Spiropent What is the proper way to take it?? I heard to take one pill the first day, two the second until I find what I can handle. What are some the side effects? How long should I be on? Will this interfere with my reproductive system and b/c it’s a beta antagonist will I be drained after the cycle…any answers or comments would help.

T-Babe…Forget the Clen. Get a good ECA stack, MD6 would work. Clen is not all that it is cracked up to be. If you insist on “testing the waters”, start with one pill/day of Spiropent. Work up to 7-9 pills/day. Two weeks on/two weeks off. Common side effects are the jitters, clammy/sweating feeling, restlessness. Clen. works much better with T3 (Thyroid Hormone), but you are taking unneeded chances with T3. I am telling you, an ECA stack works better. I have about 200 Spiropent tablets gathering dust.

JRR…thanks I appreciate your honesty…

T-Babe - Yeah, I gotta agree with JRR. The ECA stack works HEAPS better! (Of course, here in Australia we can only get veterinary Clen in a powdered form, but I suppose that doesn’t make a difference). Unless of course you wanna grow on it. I found it somewhat helpful in that regard (and will continue to experiment), but I changed a few other things at the same time so I can’t say my little growth spurt was due to the effects of the clen. When I was on it though, I got the shakes, but not real bad. And it seemed to intensify the pain of either running or lifting (squats were pure hell!!!). And if I did cardio of any kind on it, I soon had THE MOTHER OF ALL HEADACHES!!! Just imagine a migraine, only the pulsing, hammering, throbbing part is in the middle of your brain instead of at your temples… not good. Either way, I’d say just go the ECA stack. Cheers.

Ok i got to disagree with the other guys, i have had good experiences with it. I think it is way more powerfull than ECA but i have beeen using it for years. I have only used 3 tabs per day and two days on two off, yeah it can make you shaky as hell but not much more than eca. I am a recreational cyclist as well and i find i have great rides while taking it, less pain even. I think md6 i great! but if i take it before i ride my HR goes through the roof. I know I am sensitive to the yohimbine. I had great results altrenating 2 days clen 2 days md6. I say four weeks max then give the adrenals a break and take plenty of tyrosine and DMAE. Good luck

I’ve NEVER seen a girl do more than 6tabs of clen assuming she hasn’t been using it forever and built up a tolerance. Most are happy with 2-4. When I use to work in the strip clubs the girls lived on clen and T3. Some of them got really lean and built some muscle that resembled a weak steroid cycle from clen alone. I know the anticatabolic effect of clen is small, but I think it makes a bigger differance in a women. They would also use it longer than 2 weeks to build muscle with the anticatabolic effect. I’d suggest you ask WOMEN who have used it what they think or maybe some women on this forum would give you their opinions.