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im curious what the half life of clenbuterol is and if someone was hitting it hard to two weeks how long they would have to stay off between cycles to achieve results again. i know i know, use md6. thats my choice but this question is for a friend who still doesnt see how supplements can be so effective.

As I have posted before…Clen only works if you are diligent enough to take your temp. at least twice/day, then dose accordingly. The length of a cycle is a couple weeks. I have used it, as well as MD6. CLEN IS NOT BETTER. MD6, or any other ECA stack will “fit the bill”. Throw in the fact that for some, Clen does not work at all. If your friend really wants something that burns fat, and doesn’t want an OTC product, tell him to get a hold of DNP. It will burn both fat, muscle, and if you dose incorrectly, burn all internal organs.

and what is one looking for by monitoring temperature? keep increasing the dose until the temperature rises?