I’ll be honest; at this point I probably do not belong in the steroid forum, nor am I currently interested in going to the “dark side.” But I do have one friend that took clenbuterol before and had excellent results (he’s knows a lot more on it than me) and I was considering having it administed to someone I’m training. In typical T-man fashion I actually want to know what the shit is before I ALLOW anyone to touch it. I do not want to be a newbie trying to play doctor or pharmacist when all he’s qualified to dose out is glutatmine. So I’m asking for help in 2 forms

  1. Any pertinent info you can give me Clenbuterol. What is it, how does it work? Side Effects? Positive Effects? How to take it
  2. Links to articles that helped you learn about it, studies, etc etc etc.

So help someone uneducated on this subject become educated. I think that’s the goal for all t-men.

There’s a fairly informative thread on this very subject about titled “Clen” just a few posts down. Check it out.

Thanks. I’ll check it out.
Anyone feel like just doing an “informatino dump”? and just posting all they know about clenbuterol?

I’ll give you my personal experience: I can’t handle it, I feel like shit on it, way overstimulated. As for the science of what it does, the search engine will help with that.

I get extremely jittery as well. A buddy of mine took it and said he got horrible muscle cramps, even only 2 days into it.

Most people cycle it 2 weeks on/2 off
A typical protocol may look like this
Day 1 40mcg
Day 2 60mcg
Day 3 80mcg
Day 4 100mcg
Day 5 100mcg
Day 6 120mcg
Day 7 120mcg
Day 8 140mcg
Day 9 140mcg
Day 10 160mcg
Day 11 160mcg
Day 12 160mcg
Day 13 160mcg
Day 14 160mcg

Basically you work up to the dosage that feels right for you. For many it is much less than 160mcg.

Personally I would recommend an ECA stack or Hot-Rox over Clen, but I suppose its a personal decision.

Again, I don’t use clen myself, so most of this info is antecdotal.

I’ve only had 1 experience with clen so far and I’ll say I’m impressed with the results. However the sides SUUCK! Merlin’s protocol is pretty on point. BUT here’s something to definitely take into consideration. Some people can’t tolerate as much stimulants as others. For me I was on for 2 weeks and never got above 100 mcgs before I had to taper down. Point is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

Thanks everyone for all your help with this. I still personally don’t want to go through with this but whether my training partner does or not is up to her. I showed her all your threads and a few articles I found so that she wouldn’t be a complete dummy with it. The stuff sounds like it can be very beneficial when used right, but rather harmful when used chronically. Just like everything else, it’s a balance.