Just tougth about asking if any of you freaks ever tried it(clenbuterol)… is it any good? From your own experiences i mean, not from the guy who’s friend had a cow…Also fell free to add anything else on clenbuterol because I had trouble finding good info on the subject.


I used clen before and I felt is was nothing more then a glorified ECA stack with even more gitters…maybe im wrong i dunno

Yes it’s good… it’s much better than ECA for several reasons… 1. it is not overly sensitive to Beta 2 receptors in the heart. 2. Long half life… enjoy.

I read that it is phenominal for fat burning for about 2 weeks when the body seems to permanently shut down its effects. Of course, this information comes from a dead guy. He said something about cycling it to maximize its effects. Like 2 days on, 2 days off. I’ve never used it so its possible the information provided was crap.

thanks for answering ya freaks:)
I’ll try it and 'll post results(if i’m not dead)hehe

It works for fat loss for about 2 weeks.
It also gave me cramps, headaches and irritated my prostate like ephedrine does. If you can live with the sides the fat loss was nice.
I’ve had better luck with Ventolin (albuterol pills) than either ephedrine or clen. They are 4 mg each Do not take more than 16mg.
Ventolin gave same effects as clen but seemed to not lose steam after 2 weeks and not give sides.
I would not use any of this stuff for over 4 weeks personally or I find a crash. I believe Serrano talked about Adrenal burnout in his last t-mag interview.

it is traditionally run in a two week on/off protocol. start at 20 or 40mcg/ed and increase by 1 tab a day until you feel shaking and such. drop back one tab and that is your optimal dosage. i think about 100-120mcg/ed is max dosage. it works very well when stacked with t3 as well.

I have used both the tabs and Liquid Clen…there is no comparison. The tabs do nothing for me while the Liquid Clen had me “shaking” for 6-7 hours post use. Nothing dramatic, just very wired.

Hot rox is better…