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Clenbuterol, Yohimbine HCl, Possibly Anavar


So I'm almost through with my 1st cycle (Sustanon & Anavar w/ Nolvadex as PCT) and yielded great results...I put on 22 lbs. and only gained about 1.9% (11-12.9) bf which means I put on about 15.5 lbs of muscle...

I'm now looking to reduce the body fat yet keep as much of the strength gains as possible...the size gains I'm not to worried about but I know size/strength have a direct correlation...

to give you an idea I'm 207 lbs. now and wouldn't mind being 195-200 as long as I'm very lean and still strong; I'm not even opposed to dropping down to 190 (I used to fight at 155 but recently 170 and now it'll be 170 or 185). I know I'll have to sacrifice a bit but I want to minimize that.

I am a high level athlete/martial artist who trains 6 days/week which consists of strength and conditioning for mma, muay thai, jiu-jitsu, about 15-25 miles of running/wk and 4 days lifting per week. (see original "High level athlete- 1st cycle" thread for more detail)

I have Clenbuterol (liquid, 200mcg/mL 60mL), Yohimbine HCl (2.5 mg), and about 90 tabs of 10 mg Anavar.

I have found what seems to be like an appropriate Clen protocol which basically calls for 25mcg on the 1st day and then increase dosage by 25 mcg daily until I reach 150 mcg on day 6.

Proceed with 150 mcg until Day 11 then taper back down which brings you to Day 15. (titrate dosage depending on side effects as 150 may be too high for some depending on sensitivity, weight, etc.)

I've read to do 2 weeks on/2 off but I've also read that with Yohimbine the cycle can be extended to 3-4 weeks; i.e. 4 weeks on/2 off...what would the appropriate dosage of Yohimbine be....nothing I've read seems to be super consistent as far as dosage goes but the most common answer seems to be 5 mg.

My next question, is could I stack Anavar with this? My original cycle called for 60 mg Anavar ed...would that be an appropriate dosage for my goals or should it be lowered?


IIRC the effective dosage for Yohimibe is very close to the toxic dosage..

Why do you want to run the Yohimibe WITH the clen?

The anavar dosage looks fine, I would not really run anything lower than that.

Perhaps consider adding some test Prop to your cycle for added strength and mass?

when are you planning on running this cycle?


I've been reading a lot about the receptor damage that clen tends to cause due to it being a beta-2 antagonist...(going off of memory here so sorry if I butchered that) but due to that you can only run clen for 2 weeks at a time; with the Yohimbine (or even benadryl I read in a few articles) you could negate this side effect and run the clen for 3-4 or even 5 weeks at time.

Thought about running some test w/ this cycle as well but then I start thinking about when I want to fight again and the fact that I have a triathlon to do in August and I think that I don't want any more mass...I'd like to cut down and lean up w/ minimal strength loss...would a low dose of test aid or inhibit this goal? I still have a little bit of Sustanon 300 left; I was running 0.5 mL e3d...maybe 0.5 mL per week?

Also, I plan on running this asap...say I run 2 on/2 off with the Clen or am able to go 3-4 on/2 off (due to further research/you guys' insights) how long should/can I do that?

I also have some Lipo 6 Concentrate (Black, have a 6 pack in 12 hrs. etc. etc.) should I take that during my off weeks?


Clen can be run for extended periods of time 3-5 weeks regardless of benadryl usage, however its efficacy will begin to diminish.

Define "low dose of test". I cannot imagine testosterone getting in the way of cutting down and leaning up. I would not recommend using the sustanon, as it is a shit drug. However, if you must, it should be pinned at least EOD preferrably ED.

I personally would not touch clen with a ten foot pole..but that is just me. You are planning on running this cycle as soon as possible...when did your last cycle end?

I don't really see the need, but you know your goals better than I do.


I personally would not touch clen with a ten foot pole..but that is just me. You are planning on running this cycle as soon as possible...when did your last cycle end?

About to start PCT next week after an 8 week cycle of Sustanon 300 (0.5 mL e3d) & Anavar (60 mg ed)

This may be an ignorant question but can I continue the anavar and start the clen during PCT? and run that for 4 weeks?

Is the PCT strictly for the testosterone and to get everything back to normal or are there other reasons? I know that Anavar is slightly anabolic but does it require PCT?


I apologize for the cluster fuck of a response up there with the formatting.


I cannot answer your question regarding the clen and benadryl, however I would not think it would be the best idea to run both at the same time.

During your pct you should not use substances that shut down your hpta...so no anavar.

Clen should also not be run during pct, as it will make you lose your gains. Many people believe that clen has anti-catabolic properties..however IIRC those properties appear at a dosage that is WAY higher than is used by humans.


Excellent...thanks for the info. Any recommended time b/w pct and my clen/anavar cycle?

I know that generally speaking you should be "off" for as long as you were "on" but would that be the same requirement with my proposal? I guess since there won't be any test run with the clen/anavar I've kind of rationalized that a 4 or 5 week cycle of clen/anavar would be safe.



Most advocate the time on+pct = time off... But there are those who say that you should get your bloodwork done, and the results will tell you whether or not you are ready to hop on another cycle.


when I ran clen I always took benadryl at night to help me sleep better.
so my clen dose was morning and afternoon and then I took benadryl at night 45 mins or so before bed