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Clenbuterol with a Cycle

Any one here have any experience with Clenbuterol. I just got a hold of some I believe they are 40mcg. I been using 1/2 a pill for a few days and the energy is great.

Is there any possible side effects with me using clen with Test C at 500mg/week. I just had my first injection yesterday.

Would clen possibly help with the bloating maby? I don’t plan on using clen more than 3-4 week tops at 20mcg a day.

Any feedback would be welcome.

the clen will reduce your gains and it is not at all necessary on cycle.

No possible side effects, will not do much for water retention, 20mcg a day will do very little for you.

Your going to need to supplement with taurine, clen depletes it and somewhat interferes with your thyroid production.

Save it for a cutting cycle, with 500 test in your veins its not going to do anything but give you cramps and decrease your gains.

its useless after 2 weeks anyways, your body adapts, you have to bring your receptors back online for it do anything.

The only time I have used clen before was during a cutting cycle. I would never advise anyone use it while trying to bulk up. I think the proposed anabolic effect is highly over rated. In my future cutting cycles I think I will opt for albuterol over clenbuterol. And yes 20mcg/day is not even a starting dose.