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Clenbuterol Whilst On TRT Dosage

Anyone got much experience with Clenbuterol on here?

I had a play with some about 15 years ago when I was into lifting- not sure if its even as easily found these days?

Definitely made a noticeable difference across a three week period of cutting.

Back then you used to be advised to ramp up and down and do about 3 or 4 weeks max.

Day 1 1pill
Day 2 2pills
Day 3…

Day5 5pills
Day 6 5pills…

Day 14 5 pills
Day 15 4 pills
Day 16 3
Day 17 2
Day 18 1 pill

You get the idea… is this still the way people recommend it?

Looking to either have a quick blast on some along with TRT dosage or maybe in the spring whilst on a 400mg Test 16 week blast.

Whats the risks? Would they be compounded by being on a blast?

You can’t specify # of pills my friend. That’s like saying I’m taking X ml of Test. It means nothing. How many microgram? Typically you taper it up first week and run through second week. Stop for two weeks use an ECA and then run it again for two weeks.

The short answer is no, don’t go near it. It’s cardiotoxic and there are alternatives. Albuterol is clen’s non-toxic cousin. And we actually have clinical data regarding how to use it for fat loss. This one is a no-brainer if you care about your health in the slightest.

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Cheers guys.

@blshaw I’d normally state mg but its that long ago I cant remember the dose one tab was.

@iron_yuppie thanks. I’ll take that advice fully.

Will read up on albuterol

Here’s the study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4551658/

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I used to take it before spring break trips or beach vacations. Started to shake pretty quick, never got passed 80mcg daily. Could never put up with it enough to lose more than a lb or two