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Clenbuterol: Use It or Throw It?

Hey guys i am currently supplementing with creatine bcaa and whey
Can i add clen (i have a few tablets of them already) or anavar to loose some fat around the abdominal area ?
However my ulitmate goal is to gain lean muscle !

if you’re not using exogenous test (think test injections) then don’t use the var. Save it for a proper steroid cycle.

You can use the clen if you like.

I dont have var
I just have clen tabs
Will it be ok to take while on creatine ?
If yes how to cycle it ?

lol, yes, it’s fine to take with creatine…

I personally like a 5 on/9 off clen cycle but different people like to do it different ways. Taper up to the highest dose you can handle for your first cycle, then for subsequent cycles just jump in with the highest you can handle from the start.

If you need more than 100mcg to get lean then your diet sucks and you should be ashamed of yourself

So at what time it should be taken i heead never to take it before a workout!

have you done any reading on this at all, or did you just hear some stuff from your friends and start asking questions on here? Your obvious lack of very basic knowledge is pretty astounding. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone who felt it necessary to mention ‘I supplement with whey’ in the steroid forum. I can’t comfortably advise you here… I would suggest not using the clen at all. And DEFINITELY not anavar.

Yeah i did some research and was confused thats why i asked it here coz i belive ppl here have far better knowledge!
I changed my diet bt still not able to loose the fat around the abdomen!

maybe we can help this way…
tell us about your current diet, and how long you’ve been using this diet plan. How tall are you, and how much do you weigh? How much weight are you trying to lose?

I weigh 75.5 kgs diet is mainly chicken breast non oily fish, sweet potatao ,brown rice and egg whites and low fat cottage cheese !
I just want to loose weigh around the abdomin bt i knw loosing fat cannot be around a specific region it happens all over the body

Food choices are important, but so are amounts. Do you count your macronutrients? (fat, protein, and carbs)? What about overall calories?

Also, you didn’t answer most of my questions.

My height is 5 feet 9 in
I started eating dis 3 weeks ago
Yeah i do calculate my macros
My maintaine cal are around 2400

That’s what I figured.

3 weeks is not nearly long enough to see results. You said you changed your diet, but you haven’t given it enough time to work!!! I see this all the time. Your impatience is your problem. And drugs are not the solution. I look the way I do in my profile picture here without using clen, or any other fat burning drug. It can definitely be done. The food choices you said you’re eating are good ones. Have you lost any weight in the 3 weeks you’ve been on this diet?

Yeah I think Flip’s right; you’re nowhere near needing drugs so I’m not going to give you any advice on how to take them.

Ok ill take urs ang yogi’s advise
I wont use it
Wat are the other choices on fat loss diets or to make the bland food tastier
The things i mentioned are they ok to eat
Should i lessen the carbs ?

post up a typical day’s eating and we can critique it for you

Oo so nice of u guys
So first meal is 2whole eggs and 5 egg whites ,oats in skimmed milk and a tsp of honey,few slices of pineapple
Meal 2 : chicken ,rice Broccoli
Meal 3:low fat cottage cheese and sweet potato
Meal 4: fish rice and broccoli
Bedtime : low fat cottage cheese
I cant eat any more coz i do a job and have to workout around 8-9 30:( i think i need more change in the diet

You can add more variety if you find eating the same meals boring etc. but it will require a lot more effort in terms of food prep and also cost will increase.

I find eating egg whites breaks my soul so i stopped eating them. My breakfast now is a couple of whole eggs & oats mixed with a flavored whey powder and peanut butter. So much nicer. Also a bit of tomato ketchup with the eggs.

For my fish/meat and rice meals i add salt, pepper, frozen mixed veg and a hot sauce. Heat in the microwave before eating as i find it goes down a lot easier heated

You could add a portion of red meat. i like to have this with sweat potato wedges.

If you use protein powder with the oats you won’t need the milk, i would also try and eat less cottage cheese and more meat/fish if possible. Your fats also look to be very low based on these food choices?

You need to know your macro nutrient breakdown. Around 2400kcal is probably a good starting point for you


you can drop the carbs a little on rest days, monitor your weight each day for a couple of weeks and see how it goes. Ask a friend to take pics or post online for feedback. From there you just reduce kcals, mainly from carbs, and add in cardio to keep the weight coming off.

Rishab, where in india are you located? I work for a networking firm, I can connect you to a reputed dietitian/sports nutritionist

I don’t think you’re eating enough fat, as Pex suggested. I would use the ‘regular’ versions of cottage cheese and milk instead of the low fat ones. A little more fat in your diet would likely stimulate your metabolism better. Low fat products are, quite honestly, less healthy than ones without fat taken out.

Other than that, your food choices are fine.

For taste, seasoning changes everything. Get a good cook book, and learn several cooking techniques for variety. Seasoning adds flavor without adding calories. Salt and pepper on everything (use iodized salt, NOT sea salt). I also like turmeric, cumin, cayenne, and a variety of other seasonings.

I live in delhi buddy!