Clenbuterol Usage

Hey everyone,

I’ve started using clenbuterol in the liquid form to lose as much weight as possible. Now I’ve found that it suppresses my appetite and I’m not eating as much. First question I wanna ask is should I still be eating on a deficit while taking clen even though I don’t feel hungry?

DOSAGE: it will be nearly a week since I’ve started and I haven’t seen much results as of yet. Can someone explain to me or recommend to me the correct use of dosage for how much I need per dose and how long I take it for.


IMO, clenbuterol is appropriate when you are lean: 8% body fat and lower to bring out “more” striations.

So you started using a product seemingly without any knowledge of how it works or how much you should take. Have you looked at the possible side effects?
Why don’t we get some stats from you and post what your diet and training look like before going any further here.

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Jesus fucking christ.

I’ll just take a magic pill before attempting to diet.
I’ll also start shooting off my new gun before learning how to aim it.
Lastly, I dunno how to drive, but I think I need this ferrari to help me learn.

The head-assness of gym culture sometimes.

  1. What is your dose?
  2. It’s only been a week and you don’t even know if you’re in a deficit. How much weight did you think you were going to lose in <1week? :facepalm:
  3. Puhlease tell me you’re under 15%BF. I already know you aren’t, but please let me be wrong.

This phrase would be considered extremely odd from a fairly well conditioned athlete. They would want to lose as much fat as possible.

Funny how you take serious drugs for a week and only THEN you wanna know about dosage…

Anyway, you probably wont see any results anyway. Its not a magic fatloss pill. Its when you have already put in months of starvation and cardio, you are super lean and you need that last 5% kick to achieve the shape of your life. Thats when clen comes in. For anyone who has visually noticable fat, it wont do shit.

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