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Clenbuterol, Taurine, And Some Other Questions

Sup guys… I know clen depletes taurine big time and especially in the heart… what I don’t understand or get is why and how bad is it? I’m sure @unreal24278 will have something to say… but I would like others to speak up too.

The reason I ask is cuz I like clen I feel hyperactive and crazy on it in a good way almost euphoric and my motivation to cut is 200% on it lol…

  1. What is causing this depletion? (if you can keep it simple without going geeky or super scientific…)
  2. Does supplementing with taurine say 5-6 grams/day compensates?
  3. In your opinion does clen f*ck you up big time and is it worth it at all? @unreal24278
  4. Bonus question… Some older folks know this stuff called injectable clen… which is basically clenbuterol and yohimbine, I have my dirty hands on some of this stuff… what can you say about it? it contains 40mcg clen and 5.4mg yohimbine/ml

Hi Lukiss!
Im not a doctor so im not really qualified to answer your questions but from personal experience i would add potassium, besides the taurine. If youre not on a do-or-die diet bananas is the easiest way to get your fill.

Found this, maybe it answers some of your questions