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Clenbuterol Post Knee Surgery?


I am 6 weeks deep into my cut, and unfortunately have to have surgery on my meniscus. I was told recovery will be anywhere from 2-8 weeks which means no cardio. I am currently keeping my caloric intake at 1,700 calories, training 6 days a week, and doing 350-500 cals worth of cardio daily.

After my upcoming surgery since I am not permitted to do any cardio, would cycling clen be a good idea to keep my cut on track? I would do 2 weeks on 2 weeks off and start my first cycle at 20mcg. Just turned 19 years old and have had no experience with anything like this before,any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks.


Not gonna recommend doing it as 1) I have no experience with clen to begin with and 2) don’t know if it’d be safe to mix clen with any other drugs you might be on post-op.

Just gotta say that it looks like an excuse to not do cardio. Anything at high repetition will get your heart beating. No row machine? Or would that angle on your knee be too much? What about swimming or even walking in a pool? How about 5 pound dumbbell exercises post workout?