Clenbuterol Help

I am planning to take some clenbuterol within the next couple of weeks to help me out with cutting. Will this help me out without putting in ridiculous amounts of cardio into my workout? Can someone give me some advice on its proper use and what kind of nutritional plan I should go on for this? Im currently at 180 lbs and 11% bf, 19 y/o and probably take in over 2500 cal a day, 180 grams of protein.

Any advice would be appreciated, and if someone has any personal experience with clen it would help out even more.


I hope you realise what you’re getting into.

Cardiomegally (heart enlargement) is a known side effect of clen use. So is hardening of the heart tissue itself, myocardial infarcation, coronary artery spasm, or thrombosis, tachycardia (sudden, rapid racing of the heart), increases in systolic blood-pressure and impairment of the anaerobic expenditure process, hypokalemia, hypophosphatemia, potassium depletion, taurine depletion, headaches, tremors, vertigo, and receptor down-regulation and probably some other stuff to.

Worth the risk?

Here is one protocol:

Day 1-2: 40mcg
Day 3-4: 60mcg
Day 5-6: 80mcg
Day 7-9: 80mcg
Day 10-12: 60mcg
Day 13-14: 40mcg

Search this:

Pharmaceutical Phenotype Enhancement: Clenbuterol
by Chris Clancey aka Loki

I’d search around and do a bit of reasearch, there is a ton of info already available.

Hey thanks for the advice. All those side affects definitely do not sound good. When I spoke to a couple of body builders and one vet they didnt mention heart complications. The only thing they mentioned was tremors at the beginning… but then again everyone is different so who knows.

Ill be sure to do a lot of research in this field before I take the plunge.


Regarding the heart side effects. Im sure that those people were just abusing clen. First off one case reported using it for 4 weeks staright, and Im sure that he was one of those people who thought, “Hey, if I take twice as much clen for twice as long, Ill get 4 times better results!” WRONG… thats just stupid.

First off, in most cases you won’t notice the sides until they’re prevalent and have manifested into symptoms.

Also, where does one draw the line between use and abuse?

How do you define use?

would it be clinical use?
would it be bodybuilding use? prob not

You run the risk either way. When you play with fire you might just get burned.

This might be the more effective way to help you second guess your choices, rather than making comments about your stats.

Do your homework. The choice is yours.

Best of luck.

Man, there are sooo many theories on using clen. All the previous responses are valid. As far as heart problems, they are real risks, although you may not get them. Any stimulant can pose problems with the heart. Usually they are over exaggerated (ephedrine) but they are there.

Like the first responder said, there is a ton of info out there, and it is a personal choice. My GF can do 40-60 mcgs per day, whereas a dose of 20 mcgs/day makes me shake like a crack head.

just be careful with it. It can be strong, but I do like it before a long workout session!

Chief, you apparently know little to nothing about a compound, but you want to use it to help “cutting.”

Another thing I noticed as well is that you don’t even know jackshit about your own nutritional intake.

You have a lot to figure out before you even consider doing this man, otherwise you’re just asking for trouble…

I’ll add my two cents based on my Clen knowledge, or lack thereof. Do a lot of research before you jump in the substance - there are other viable and arguably better options out there. (i.e. HOT-ROX Extreme). The sides, if you’re dosing properly, will be marked the first 1-3 days and then subside and you really won’t notice much; the exception being a feeling of general well-being because you’re so energetic.

Don’t use it for more than 2 weeks - it will lose it’s effectiveness but still pose a threat to your health.
I have gone as high as 160 mcg in a day and not felt terrible - but I am a larger-framed guy and tend to tolerate stimulants pretty well. I don’t recommend going anywhere near that high.

If you do use it, use your head. If you feel yourself throwing PVCs then sit your butt down and relax for a bit - when you’re exerting yourself (read: big squat day), you’re more likely to get your ol’ pump going too hard and too fast.

However much time you spend reading about the Clen, spend 10x that long reading about nutrition. You can shred some serious pounds in a short amount of time but if you’re not eating properly your muscle is going to be affected and your strength will plummet.

In any case, that is just some off the wall info based on my experiences with Clen. Take it all with a grain of salt and listen to what the vets have to say.


Why not look into Albuterol? Not as effective, but much, much safer.