Clenbuterol for prolonged usage

Do you not have access to any of the dozens of phone apps that you log your food with? If you can post in this forum you can track your calories.

Read “The Complete Keys to Progress” by John McCallum. It’s been working for people without steroids for decades, primarily because it was working BEFORE steroids.

Ive been doing that, I even have scales, but cant do it now.
Quite demanding and boring.

How to measure my lunch box, f.ex. chicken liver with some baked vegetables and unknow ammount of fat (it is rather watery, so there is no excess fat added) + some cheese, raw celery and a raw pepper…
All I know, regardles how much I eat of that, I might be awfully full and I will still like CARBS on top of that to fill content of my meal.
(a dessert, bread or smth)

So just trying to avoid carbs…
And try to skip dinner, to sleep lightly and cut more calories.
It is hard to skip dinner, but I dinner no later than 18:00 for the last 2-3 years.
It is enough to maintain weight but not enough to cut down…

Regardless of any pharmaceuticals, I give you little chance of the success you are looking to get. You need a revolution within. Your mind needs to overthrow your master, your taste buds.

No food after 18:00 hours? What does that have to do with the price of apples in China?

You need to get a grasp on insulin management.

You don’t need to count calories. But the alternative requires your mind dictate what goes in your mouth. Try to never have your insulin spike when you are not glycogen depleted. That means frequent meals. If you are gaining weight, you are eating too many calories. Cut back the quantity of calories, keeping your protein up. If you are getting weak in the weight room, add a small amount of carbohydrates. But all the time you want the scales to be dropping.


This is bordering on pure laziness. Taking clen is just a little extra help usually reserved for when you are already lean and just need an extra boost when a few weeks out from competition. If your not willing to do the work you can take all the shit you want and you’ll be right here six months from now but with additional strain on your heart.
You would be much better served looking at ozempic or another similar option.


It is rather a mental training issue :smiley:
Last try to use clen for smth, in connection with early dinner/ skip dinner approach.

The early dinner approach (traditional 3 times a day meal) works in two ways - you get energy when u need it, closely aligned with the body rhytm and metabolism. Then it is very good for ppl with bad habits who eat late and have problems digesting and sleeping well.

The skip dinner is a skip meal approach to get to callorie deficit - no strict callorie count, just avoid bad carbs/fat, bad food in general and excesive carb and fat content.
Of course you cut the carbs lower than a tradinional meal, going relatively low carb.
Strict calorie count is hard for cooked meals, especially if u dont cook it - u have to have someone else measure the input ingredients, then average the calories count and measure weight of your portion.

Me personaly have problems controlling the amount of food after work.
If I start eating, I simplly cannot stop (mental training issues…), so it is easier not to go nearby ANY food…

I will try to get a pill (max two) of clen around 16:00, so when I get back home I dont eat any dinner…
The apetite suppression efect, if there is any (unfortunatelly I dont see such an effect) + the adrenergic effect ( there is some kind of) mby will help me to skip evening meals and make the calorie deficit for the day…

Otherwise you are right - i may end up at the same position six months later, not losing any weight.

Usually, after the initial weight drop (water), being much more conscious about calories, I was losing LESS than 2 kg per month. Usually 1 kg to max 1.5 kg.
Thats way I pursued some drugs aid in the first place.
I may lose 10 kg fat for almost an year (some months I am stuck or go off-rail dieting), I never lost it in 4 months :wink:

It clearly doesn’t though, or else you wouldn’t feel a need for chemical assistance.

Have you considered addressing your binge eating habits? It would be a far more worthwhile and beneficial approach. @QuadQueen may have some solid resources available there.


Agree here. Fixing his diet and doing 20min/walk would get him much more benefit than taking clen.
This is just being lazy and not setting himself up for success.


I completely agree with everything said in this thread. There is no pill that’s going to give long term, sustainable results. @emosms, you’ve got to address the issues behind why you binge and until you address them and figure out alternate ways to deal with them, you’re going to keep ending up back in the same spot.
My advice would be to stop spending money on clen and instead take that money and hire a therapist to get to the root of the problem. Your mind and your body will both be healthier for it.


You really think a therapist can cure his laziness and seeking shortcuts? This isn’t a jab, I’m genuinely asking. You think there are deeper issues at play here then just general laziness?

Its the binging behavior that would be addressed


What he said.


Well… you could always look at this as: at least he would be helping financially support a therapist. Then he might not have the funds to resort to pharmaceuticals to attain his goal.

I still give the OP no chance, regardless the route he chooses. IMO, his commitment greatly lags his carnal weakness.


You are all right. I have problems (binge eating/ mood control/ discipline).
All I know is the skip meal can make it easier maintaining caloric deficit without precisely counting calories and …escape binge eating at evening.

Stopped the clenbuterol, it is all up to my internal state if I can/ cannot control what I eat.
I got another side efect - an urge to SMOKE (stopped smoking few months ago), and now I am coughing badly :smiley:
(open your lungs with a medicine and get a sweet smoke afterwards…)
So, I still have half a box of clen and allready get a hint what it does and I think it is bullshit.

BUT, I consider doing research on a much powerful and bad side efects oral drug…