Clenbuterol for prolonged usage

Someone to share firsthand experience with the drug?
Read smth about clen + ketotifen for prolonged use of clenbuterol.

My goal is like 10kg (22lb) of FAT (not water) in 4 months.
I dont do cardio or any significant aerobic exercise, nor I plan to do so.
I work in office and do basic weight training at home.

I feel some of the side effects (energy rush, excitement, about to start headache), but it didnt disturb my sleep yet.
Actually I drank 2 pills before bedtime, slept like a baby and felt some effects in the morning…
I dont have elevated body temperature and I often measure bellow 36C (97F)…

Any advice on what to expect from clen?
I hope for fat loss acceleration and keeping muscle.
Last time i succesfully lost some weight was partially because I lost muscle in legs and glutes (and I was not doing any heavy squats as well)

These drugs are taxing on your heart. I would suggest you rethink your no cardio approach.

This is gonna depend on your diet and training. You make no mention of either.


Low carb + very basic weight training at home, about 4 times a week.
Additionally, I try not to eat after 16:00.
When I am strict on this, I lose some weight even if I am not that much low carb.

Then you shouldn’t need drugs if your losing weight. Your goal of 22lbs in 4 months is easily within reach. You wouldn’t belive the difference a little cardio would make. 10-15min fasted in the AM and 10-15 after dinner. Why would you want to use drugs when you can just put in a little extra effort?


People who try to lose weight with cardio (or just general exercise) and diet on average do better with their goals than someone just doing diet or just doing exercise.

Clen in reasonable dosages will burn about as many calories per day as 10 minutes of walking on a treadmill at an incline (low intensity). Clen also is hard on the heart, where walking improves heart health.

I’d encourage you to change your views on cardio / non-lifting exercise. It doesn’t need to be training to be an endurance exercise. Regular things like walking consistently help a lot with weight management. In the winter (I live in a cold climate), I start my workouts with walking on an incline treadmill. Anywhere from 15 minutes to 40 minutes depending on goal. I feel it gets me ready to lift, gets me warmed up, and it isn’t intense to the point that it impacts my lifting much.

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This reminds me of the old slogan developed by Dupont in 1935:
“Better Things for Better Living… Through Chemistry.”

I have used clenbuterol, but never with ketotifen.
Before clenbuterol most contests were won by the Light-heavyweight class winner. The Heavyweight winner seldom got grainy enough to look better than the lighter class winners. Enter clenbuterol to help balance the scales.

I added clenbuterol when I got below 10% bodyfat. I would never consider using it if I were any “fatter” than 10%.

I would expect a slight elevation in body temperature. The idea, as I understood it, was to burn brown fat the slightly elevated temperature made this possible. I felt a slight bit of heat at the base of the back of my neck.


I +1 rethink cardio. i was somewhat opposed to it as well (lifting enough), listening to ‘influencers’ that you don’t need it etc. since adding an intense 30min road bike session around noon (gym at 7am), i’ve been loosing consistently 1lbs/week. i think there is more to it then just added calorie burn

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Actually I do have a bike, we have a nice location (rowing channel) for biking and the winter seems to go away here :slight_smile:
But evening sessions only and probably in between days of home weight exercise.

What about omega 3 on a regular basis, would it help for stubborn fat?
I have a belly fat and love handles I NEVER was able to completely remove in my 40+ years life.
Otherwise, I am for sure above 10% fat, dont know exactly.
But no mater how much lean/ toned I look elsewhere, this area looks REALLY bad.
Havent starved myself enough to remove it :frowning:

22 lbs of FAT, so that eventually remove the belly fat and love handles.
Not water and not any of my anyway not much of a muscle.
22 lbs is just a rough estimate, I dont know how to measure body fat.
If I use caliper on the belly, it is really A LOT at that area, in my opinion disproportional.

At the end of the day i don’t think you need drugs to do what you want to do. If your not already lean and eating enough protien you really don’t need to worry about losing muscle if you are training hard.
If you post your diet and training we can help you get on the right path. Start a training log and tag me.
If you do decide to take clen you really need to do cardio on top of it to protect your heart.


whats your age/Test levels. got a buddy who couldn’t get rid of love handles till he optimized his T (TRT). runner

I agree with the others, especially @s.gentz. Absolutely no need to take a drug when there are likely a dozen other healthy things you could do… or a dozen things you are doing holding you back that you could stop doing. I bet we could find some gaps with more info from you.

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Will continue to chime in and saying using clen to go from “not fat” to “lean” is like running tren so you can win your Men’s Over 40 recreational basketball tournament. You can easily accomplish this goal without drugs.


I tried evening bike ride, light to moderate/ mixed intensity up to 10 miles.
When I skip dinner, I go back home EXTREMELY hungry and eat :).

Taking clen I think brings me to the edge of some heart tension.
(i’ve taken 80 mkg max, 2 + 2 pils)
It was very obvious when I did home squats whit just 50 kgs - I need to do overhead push after the set and reverse clean, to put the barbel on the floor (no rack at home).
After finishing the set and the overhead push (with a cheat from whole body/ legs), i feel qiuite a rush and increased heart thumping, so I missed the evening clen dose.
But I drank a lot of coffee that day and overuse of cofe have brought me to similar issues before.

I dont think clen elevates body temperature, or my rest temp is submnormal (i’ve often measured bellow 36C).

When I cut down food and I do exercise, all I think about is food.
In general, I simply cannot mantain calorie deficit for prolonged periods… :frowning:

I will for sure try some pill form, if I find a trustworty supplier.
(f.ex. stanozolol)
I get the clen from the pharmacy, not some shitty stuff from unknown ppl over the net.

20 yers starting to workout and say fuck it, cause I neither look like someone lifting, nor I can cut all the fat (boring, slow and long, controled starvation with very few results).
So YES, for many ppl going all natural is a BIG waste of time, decades

This is a silly thing


On the flip side, going the PED route will net you nothing after cessation. You may or may not meet your goal with PEDs but when you stop taking them all that you achieved is gonna reverse. Ask me how I know.


I think you need to stop what you are doing. Clen is rarely worth the trade offs for losing fat. I’d say about the only time it makes sense from a risk to reward perspective for me is a bodybuilding show. That requires ultra low body fat to be competitive, and it is just a crazy challenge to get there.

Using when above 10% body fat just doesn’t make sense to me. It doesn’t burn that many calories. Probably in the ball park of 100-200 kcal a day. That is 10-20 minutes at a walking pace on a slight incline on a treadmill (I can do this without breaking a sweat in that amount of time).

I think if you want to use drugs to help with weight loss, there are options that are far better IMO. You could talk to a doctor about getting a GLP-1 type drug. There are a few that are FDA approved for weight loss (semaglutide). Semaglutide seems to lower risk of heart attacks and strokes even. It is a much better tool to use for your goal than clen IMO.

It takes a long time to go from fat and muscular to lean and muscular. Most people that end up in the latter camp don’t do it with one cut. It is a series of cutting diets that get them closer to their goal. Most can’t just do it in one long cut though. Most will have to have periods of eating at maintenance or even a slight surplus, then going back to cutting. It probably averages over a year for most people to do this. Most will get burnt out from dieting before reaching their goal if they are trying to do it in one go.

I just say this because it might help you with strategy. Try doing some dieting in phases. Diet down for a few months, then eat at maintenance, then back to dieting.

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I think the OP has the right attitude for DNP - wants fast results with minimal effort and isn’t afraid of needless and outsized risk to reward. Who cares about the risk of dying as long as you leave a lean corpse, amiright?!


Thank you all, I dont know my testosterone level, I suspect it is low.
I have at best a mesomorph frame (mby leaning to ektomorph) and extra subcatenous fat.

The point of taking aids is that at least once in life I get to results I like (not close to nothing/ vague) and primarily get rid of fat. Good 4 pack (not six) :smiley:

Once I see the result (being able to get rid of fat once), I will enjoy what I am doing and I would feel I am actually doing smth and seeing the result of what I do.
If I get fat again, I will know I succeded once and it is possible.
When you never succeded it is harder to do it for the first time :frowning:
You dont see reward of what you do (as I said I never succeded in 20 years) and it is frustrating.

I don’t have a frame to make a lot of muscle and be really strong, at best I could look a tiny bit like a sprint runner with some extra definition on upper body.
So, if I get a hold of smth like winstrol and I take it well (I see that higher doses of clen are bad for heart even if I dont have anxiety and tremors), it is very unlikely I would dig into drugs more.

All that ‘bulk & cut’ stuff is total nonsense for ppl like me and it does not work! It works for very few ppl without steroids !
I can easily gain 10-15 kilos and I will be in very bad shape and I will get a LOT of fat and very little muscle.
It is a total bullshit without aids for quite many ppl.
And then, I will have hard time cutting from obese to normally fat, and become the same person as I started :grinning: :grinning:

I am closely monitoring heart issues and will try to improve diet instead of accent on clen.
But it is nearly impossible to track callories - thats why I found the ‘skip dinner’ sollution, kind of intermittent fasting, but this is often hard to apply…