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Clenbuterol For Fat Loss

guys, I would like to have your opinions and experiences with clentuberol while dieting. It seems very effective and I would like to try it in my next cutting phase.

This product appears to be very controversial because some people say that theres only little side effects related to the using of clen and others affirm that this is a steroid and it can results on dangerous heart problems…

What do you guys think about this?

Please use the search function on this site. There has been some great articles and threads written on this subject.


Just tried the stuff… my brand was Novegam - a friend got similar stuff on a trip to TJ here was my experiences:

First day felt good, by the end of the week though I had slight joint soreness. Aside from that, nothing. Could see some finger tremble action, but other than that, no side effects. The friend has been on and off it doing a cycle for over a month, and swears by the stuff.

No one I know have has had negative experiences with the stuff, I believe it is techinally asthma medicine, and has no steroidal properties. Then again, I’m no scientist.