Clenbuterol During a Bulk

I’m a few weeks into a bulking cycle and a cruise on low dose of test e. My question is will clenbuterol help keep fat off and improve my look? I’ve used it on a cut and got good results but can’t find any solid info on using it on a bulk.

IMO use it right after the cycle I’d you’re so inclined to use it at all. It’s slightly anti-catabolic so using it as a bridge will help drop the fat after the bulk while retaining lean mass.

I think the issue with clen on a bulk isn’t so much the chemical itself as it is the side effects. If you get lethargy and loss of appetite then it makes bulking a lot tougher. You have run it before so you know how you’ll react. If you can still eat and train for size while on it then perhaps it’ll work in this context. If not then I’d say avoid it.

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