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Clenbuterol Beginner Cycle?


Wondering how I would go about taking liquid clenbuterol. 250mcg x30ml. I’m not on a steroid cycle (or have done one with in the past). Was going to try taking it for my cut this season. How much should I take? And when? I’m an experienced lifter and excellent diet. Just have never messed with any steroids or anything similar so could use some good information. (Yes I’m aware clen is not a steroid)

So how much should I start taking?
When should I increase?
How should I diet, low carb or keeps carb mid to high?
When should I stop taking? 2-3 weeks?
Is tablets easier/better?
How many calories should I eat?

I’m 5’10 245-250 pounds, roughly 16-20% body fat. Currently am bulking I’m eating 325-375g of protien and carbs are about the same. I’m not 100% sure what my calories now are at. Somewhere between 4000-6000. I know that’s a large gap.

555deadlift 465 squat 345 bench