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Clenbuterol and Fat Loss


I am curious to know what stories people can share about the usage of clenbuterol during a cutting phase?




Stories? Like, "Once upon a time a young man with a severe case of self-image dysmorphia embarked on a dark, substance abusing, socially deviant quest in order to achieve a goal that will never be reached", stories or people's experiences with the power drug?


Have you taken the shit or not?


Not yet, I'm still eating dinner. I'm pretty irregular, I've been eating alot of potatoes. Metamucil! Sorry, I couldn't resist as far as taking clenbuterol this is my experience. If you're not careful and monitor your diet it will strip you of all your gains if done so naturally. I basically bulked (while keeping carbs low) in order not to loose the barn so quickly after losing 8lbs in a week. I regained some and slowed it down to 2-5lbs per week. Secondly, never I mean never start at anything more than 15-20mcg per day. The sides can be pretty nasty and not for the squeamish. I would not recommend going higher than 160mcg per day as there's no need and the shakes, cramps (even with aids), and other baddies only get worse and the effects of the drug are diminished. Some do a 2 on, 2 off or something along those lines. I did 4 straight and came out with pretty decent results. Its without a doubt a favorite of mine.

So according to my experience my guidelines when running clen are: 1. Start low and work up to 80mcg per day at week 3 and sticking with that dose for the remainder. 2. Keep protein intake extremely high (probably doesn't need to apply now) carbs at less than 80 per day. 3. Cardio on empty 5-7 times per day working up to 45 minutes per session at 65% or else "she'll blow captain!" 4. Drink Gatorade and supplement with taurine (the low-calorie version G2, G4 or some crap) because with my water intake it flushed me dry and I would literally cramp by turning the ignition switch on my rig. I think thats it. Cheers -GB


Dude, Maximus is a good guy... give him a break


Some people I tell you


dude c'mon you gotta expect some shit lol what are you lookin to find out best way to pyramid it or what have you started?


Wow... that sounded SO ADHD... but some good info there.. :smiley:


Thanx GB, did you notice bad headaches while you took clen? Also I have been told that at some point you need to cycle in Cytomel to prevent downregulation of T3. Whats your opinion on this? Thanx man.


Clen is nasty and not really that effective. It gets much, much more airtime than it deserves. Just stick with an ECA stack for two weeks followed by two weeks of HOT-ROX combined with proper diet and/or cardio. There've been a lot of people that have gotten very lean using this combination, myself included.

I'll say it again, clen sucks dirty elderly dying homeless man who just farted ass.


Vivid analogy!!


Oh yeah babe, that was the name of the game. Excedrin helped out in that department. More than anything it was the cramps and the shakes. I don't like people raising eyebrows and dropping your sharps bin off and handing it over with shaky hands, well, just doesn't look good you know? I didn't partake in introducing Cytomel namely because I didn't want to mess with another bodily system and what RJ had to say about such a stack. I think you'll be fine with a 2 on and 2 off approach starting low mind you and working up no higher than 80mcg.

The ECA stack is very effective and I probably would start there and work your way to clen if you feel compelled to do so. I had decent results with the ECA but throughout the years I've developed a pretty high tolerance to caffeine and needed something with an extra punch. I'm quite fond of the stuff but I wont run it again for at least a couple of months.


I think clen is pretty much dead.

Most people have figured out that albuterol is much better.

albuterol is even slightly anabolic in my experience.


I never really noticed increased strength from clen, but I do from albuterol.


I did, personally. Much like one experiences a mild strenght boost from stimulants clen was no different. Bicep training was almost painful because of it.


Thanx for the help, now to find the E in an ECA stack haha


Westlock hit it Clen is dead and it can kill you. Albuterol doesn't build up in the boby like Clen does and can be taken for much longer periods of time with out becoming toxic to your system.


It still is a beta 2 receptor agonist. It just has a shorter half-life. The effects of receptor desensitizing are still possible. Still, it would be nice to get the benefits of clen without the long-half life.


From my studies (If you call them that) Ketofin will stop the receptor desensitization.

But I still say ECA is best....

Anyone have suggestions for those who have wicked acid refulx? ECA's tend to irritate this....


Rand - if you haven't tried it, give Apple Cider Vinegar a shot. Absolutely stops acid reflux cold in its tracks.

All the E I have tried to procure through my supply lines is "no alkaloids", which is comical really that people even buy it. Like non-alcoholic beer..