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Clenbuterol and ECA

Family of Bodybuilders unite! Has anyone ever heard of Clenbuterol? Is it safe? Where can one buy it? Does it work? Is it legal? I am looking to get ripped as hell and heard that using both Clenbuterol and an ECA will work well. Does anyone know? Has anyone tried it before?
Any information will be greatly appreciated. Take care everyone, and here’s to health and muscle!

Haven’t got time to say heaps, but basically, I think Clen sux. ECA works heaps better for me, and a number of people have posted the same here on T-Mag. Cheers. And yeah, it’s illegal in most places.

Clen. is illegal in the U.S. I have used it and it does not work for me. An ECA works better, not that an ECA is anything to write home about. To use Clen. correctly, you need to take your body temp. 1st thing in the AM, take the Clen., 2-6 tabs, then re-check your temp. If it has gone up, then the Clen. is working. If not, up the dosage. This needs to be done a couple of times/day, every day for the duration of the cycle. If you do not want to go throught the trouble of taking your temp. a few times/day, don’t bother with Clen. If you want to get “ripped as hell” take DNP…you’ll get ripped !! It ups your metabolism 50%! On second thought…don’t take DNP…good chance of death.