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Clenbuterol and Diet


18y/o, 1.70, 65kilos (altho ppl say I look bigger), probably around 15% bodyfat if not more. no abs, no cuts in the legs, no bicep peak, no veins
best lifts:
DL - 130kg (before the vertebra injury, @58kg)
squat - 80kg (very, very weak)
bench - 80kg (weak aswell)
thats about it for the strength

some measurements - chest - 95 (no air, 107-8 spread and with air), waist - 72-5 (depends if stomach is empty or full), arms - 34.5, forearm - 30, legs - 59-61, calfs - 37, neck - 34-5 thats most of em
training - im currently following a 4-day split, monday - arms, tuesday - legs (ya i do squats), thursday - back (no, i dont do deadlifts, got a vertebra injury, which according to the doctor is permanent), friday - chest. its based on those thoughts: if i do arms monday, they would be tired for tuesday, so i moved the legs in tuseday and chest and back in the end of the week.

diet - trying not to eat too much junk, currently taking a UN gainer, got plenty of potatoes, eggs and milk, cant afford meat everyday, i eat a handful of peanuts in between meals, trying to eat 4-5 times a day.
been thinking about cutting in the last few days, but i dont really wanna lose much size, and i really wanna get rid of all the fat on the legs, stomach and maybe arms (and no, im not a beach builder, i dont really go to public pools whatsoever, just want more functionallity)

now the main questions are/plans are:
1. doing a clen cycle w/o making any changes to the diet
2. doing a clen cycle and reducing carbs only to before workout and after workout
3. doing a clen cycle and reducing carbs only to before workout and after workout + adding cardio
4.doing a clen cycle, buying some l-carnitine or any other fatburner + reducing carbs and adding cardio
how would any of these changes affect my bodyfat, muscle and size ?
thanks in advance.


You would likely lose both muscle and bodyfat. Wait until you are older and use clen with aas for optimal results.


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its all good. and no im not fat, im pretty good actually, but i feel like i should cut a bit (maybe a few %s). i do know how to eat, ive read tons about low carb diets, carb cycling etc. its just that i cant afford all the protein food, so i eat lots of potatoes and milk (cheap and useful).


So...you can't afford to eat properly to cut, but you want to buy clen?

Also, a diet high in carbohydrates will prevent you from cutting to very low bodyfat in most cases. And Milk is shit for cutting to low bodyfat.

So, no, you're not eating properly to cut with or without drugs.


erm, clen is fkin cheap, cant compare.
i dont wanna lower the carbs too much, cause i dont really wanna lose much weight. just 2-4% bf and then hit 65 again. just need some veins and legs, abs are not that important.


heres what I noticed

lets fix this first cause eating like this even with clen will do nothing for you
cut the milk,taters,and the nuts
add in tuna,fishoil,water and leafy greens and fiber

youll find you can afford meat every day, in the form of tuna and possible chicken once or twice a week.
cut the gainer shakes you mentioned and work on your training
if you do this and be consistent 18 you will not need drugs for along time as you will be getting surprising results


So you want to keep taking your weight gainer, but you want to lose weight, so you're going to start taking clenbuterol? Does that sound right to you?


Eating tuna (the chunky light) is cheap. In the U.S. it is like 80 cents a can. I eat the white albacore though and that is like 1.39$. I don't know how much that is where you are. Also you can find a cheap whey protein powder...I use one that is 20 dollars and has 32 servings so it is what like 80 cents for 24 grams of protein? If you took in 1 can of tuna and 1 shake a day that would add in like 50 grams of protein.


You should eat nothing but cheesy potatoes and chocolate milk, The clen will shred the shit out of your legs all by itself. You might be contest ready in a few days.


Not wise to say this, some people might actually believe you


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