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Clenbuterol/ Albuterol

Purely academic, but after seeing something in the new Barr article about Clen being an ashtma medication, I wondered if Albuterol has the same effect?

I did a quick google search, and it looked like they are the same class of drugs, am I mistaken in thinking this?

hmmm, good question. i use albuterol. i dont think so. it can make you jitter. maybe!

Go on steroid.com and check profiles. Anthony Roberts has a write up on albuterol. It can be used for fatloss. It can also be used for CNS stimulation before a max effort lift, heavy workout, etc.

However, if you take to much your gonna be jittery like a mutha fucka. If you are going to use it, take 50-100 mg every day for a week each month to inhibit the down regulation of beta receptors. Read the Ketotifen profile for more info on this. If you can’t find the Albuterol info pm me and I can hook you up.

Albuterol is indeed an asthma drug. My brother has always had some around, I was a little supprised when I first saw “Albuterol Log” on different forums.

I wasn’t planning on using it, I was just wondering if it had the same effects as clen. I had a presciption for it, and I used to use it all the time when I was running in high school, but I was never as ripped as I would have expected, if it worked as well as something like clenbuterol. Maybe diet or dosage way too low.