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Taking clen at the moment 4 tabs a day is it best to take all at once
or split them up through out the day

Split them up.

yeah 4 tabs at once, your heart will blow!!!

you should pyramid them, dont take it for more than two weeks without taking two weeks off for your receptors to recover.
Dont take them late in the day either becuase it could affect sleep. I always take it in this fashion, 12233444433221…Lata

outcast is right your receptors will bonk out on ya…Some people go two days on one day off…They continue this for long periods of time and your receptors dont die out on ya…get up to about 8 a day… And follow the pyramid method with that…But the two daY on one day off method while pyramiding works good…

From what I’ve read it’s no point going two on, one off. The long halftime is the problem. There’re still enough Clen floating around to cause your receptors to downregulate. The only thing you’re doing is saving tabs.

What about longterm use? A guy at my gym claims the best way to use Clen is taking a medium dose, 4 tabs (0.08Mg) for at least two month. He claims it really kicks in after 6-8 weeks!!

Anyone tried?

I would also recommend spending a few extra bucks and throw some yohimbe HCl in there too…

   No way should anyone take clen for two months!!!  That is asking for serious receptor problems permanently!! I used to take an ECA stack for twelve weeks straight, with a month break afterwards, but that is nowhere near clen.  Clen can to some degree inhibit the effects of insulin in the body.  By doing this, the glycogen receptors become completely saturated, so that no more can be stored or used by your cells.  This causes a release of glycogen into your body as glucose.  

   What does this mean to bodybuilders? No more glycogen to burn means the body needs other sources...fat and protein.  The problem with clen is that it will increase the rate of fat being burned in the body, but also increase the rate of protein being burned by the body as well.  This means a loss of lean muscle over time if precautions aren't taken.  That is why two week on, two week off cycles are recommended.  You can use an ECA during the two off weeks, but the only way to completely negate muscle wasting effects is to use clen in conjunction with AAS.    

I am pretty sure that it was Dan Duchaine who started the two day on, one day off craze. If I remember correctly, however, this, like most of what he said, was and is questionable scientifically speaking…Lata bros

Cheers Guys,
taking it this way at the moment
11 22 33 4 and staying on 4 a day for my 8 week cycle