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I was just wondering what the side effects for Clenbuterol are. I cant find any information on that aspect of it. Can you use it by itself and still be worth while since it is not a steroid and therefore isnt being used for muscle growth?

Clenbuterol causes severe downregulation of the beta 2 receptors. This can spell trouble for you once you go off clen, as your body may have trouble responding to sympathetic nervous stimulation- i.e adrenelin.
Clenbutorol also is known to decrease levels of IGF-1, leading to actually reduced performance in the gym!

you get the jitters for a few days into the cycle.


note to self, stay away from clen.

a friend of mine in highschool and his dad both took it for over 3 months. my friend lost around 50 lbs, going from ~240 to 190 at 6’6" and hasn’t gained it back and never showed any signs of sides while he was on it or after he took it.

Just be carefull when taking clen, and always ramp your dosages up gradually! If you like I can send you my clen protocol - It is effective but it must be used carefully and with respect!

I’ve had lots of experience with clen…insomnia insomnia insomnia. It sucks. Clen has a long half life and keeps you stimulated and unable to enter a deep sleep cycle. Blood pressure can raise a bit, extreme irritability, sensitivity to sound, weird little bumps all over your hands and so on. Clen has also been shown to actually cause damage or abnormal growth on one of the heart valves. Recent research proved that Clen actually DECREASES aerobic AND anerobic performance. Less sets, and less stamina. I’m not completely sure on that one as my strength has increased on it before as well as endurance. But I believe this study was over the period of a few weeks. When I do use it, now it’s only for a few days max. It’s not what it’s cracked up to be.

Is clen supposed to have less sides than ephedrine? Taken that in the past but the heart palpitations give me the creeps.

The main reason why clen is used over ephedrine is because clen is beta 2 specific - meaning you get the thermogenic benefits of ephedrine, yet you don’t get the eleveated blood pressure and pulse as you do from ephedrine which has no beta receptor specificity. Clen will spill over howevery if enough is taken, and begin to cause elevated hr and bp. This just means however that you can take a much larger dosage, and recieve a greater effect of thermogenesis before the eleveations in hr and bp occur- and that is why clenbutoral is used.


Maybe I read the same article as you but those tests were carried out on rats and we’re talking 10 times the usual dosage. Regardless, this is a powerful product and care should be taken. That said I am a relative newbie to it so if anyone has any tips/regimes please let me know…the knowledge of others is always welcome. BTW, what dosage you guys using. Lyle McDonald suggests 80mcg - 160 mcg.

Have any of you guys tried Hot-Rox? I was actually pretty pleased with it. Even got a slight boost in strength.

I agree with warhorse on that one. I have tried both clen and hot-rox, and i think the hot-rox is much better. I always felt a more smooth energetic feeling, and i definitely leaned out with awesome results on the Rox. clen has always given me a frantic, sweaty palmed, nervous energy. Lol i sound like a crack addict or somethin…Plus, when i stopped taking clen i felt like absolute garbage, and have always done the taper protocol with cycling it. I felt much better coming off the Rox, and it seemed to work better. That’s just my experience though, some of my bros have had great results with clen.

No but my g/f loves it, and I will be doing some shortly for my next contest preparation.

is hot rox legal in canada? I havent seen it around.

tren makes a very interesting point. i began clen and t3 about a week ago. i am week 7 of a 10 week prop/eq/tren/winny cycle. all steroid dosages remaining consistant. i have noticed a huge drop off in stamina. i feel lathargic(sp?) and get winded very easily now. this has only become evident within the last week. the only up side being the dramatic loss of fat. also i dont feel the need to ramp clen dosages as much as the t3. just my .clen does downregulate the receptor but this happens at 25mcg just as it does at 100mcg. the only way to recover is to come off entirely.

I have never seen it sold on the shelves, here in canada (hotrox) however on the same token When we order it from the states, we have never had it seized in customs. The reason why it wouldn’t be leagal is because it contains the ingriedient: L-Tyrosine. Canada doesn’t allow isolated amino acids in nutritional supplements - don’t ask me why!

I know for a fact that GNC canada sells Hot-rox.

really, ive never seen it in the GNC here in victoria…weird i will ask them about it next time im in there.

With every drug you have to weigh positive effects vs. side effects, - that said - clen is the third most effective BUT second safest fat loss drug available - A must read, Author L. Rea book’s Chemical muscle enhancement and Building the perfect beast. It will put all of your responses in perspective.

-Don Alessi

Thanks Don, I’ll check that out. BTW, used some of your training ideas in the past to great effect so thanks for that!