Clen ?

I’m trying clen for the first time following the recommended protocol p-22 gave me in my “How to finish this cycle?” post. I definitely won’t deny it’s powerful fat loss properties. In only 4 days it’s caused a noticeable difference + I haven’t lost a lb on the scale?

Heres the down side: insomnia, cramps, mild headaches, drowsy one minute/wired the next, flushed face, difficulty concentrating, body aches, slight chest pains, nausea. No jitters though LOL! I planned on 2 weeks on then 2 weeks on eca/end. Then possible using it once my cycle ends while eating massive during PCT to hold of fat gains/keep muscle. That’s probably not fucking happening if I feel like this for the next 13 days (and counting).

Do these sides go away after some time on, like 5 days…just kidding. Seriously though, what’s the least amount I can take for fat loss? For my PCT plans? I truly hope it isn’t what p-22 laid out. Thanks. BTW I left out irritability…and I’m already a prick as it is.

you bastards are already cutting, wtf? i guess im gonna be the only asshole that looks like a beached whale this summer?

how much are you using bro? what was the protocol? as i plan to hit some this summer. im interested because i havent heard anyone in a long time say that they thought clen worked any better than an eca.

I’m up to 60 today. Using the protocol p-22 laid out in my post How to end this cycle (but a little lower). As you can see I’m sensitive to stimulants. This isn’t quite a cutter for summer as it is for spring break. BTW I’ll be in Newport beach.

i personally have had pretty good success with a relatively low dose of clen (10-20mcg) 3-4 days per week post cycle combined with clomid @100 mg per day and some tribex thrown in for good measure. the fat just literally melted off-without much strength loss at all. in fact i got a few pr’s 3 weeks after all the esters cleard my body. i prefer the clen to ephedra because i do not seem to “crash” do to the long half life of clen.

my .02

OK wideguy… I haven’t had a chance to bitch at you for a while so I’ll take advantage of this seemingly rare opportunity. First of all, in 4 days the effects are definitly in your head… clen is no miracle, it’s more like a crutch. Secondly, doing 2 on and then 2 on an ECA stack is silly because your are throwing one beta-2 antagonist right on top of the other. When does receptor upregulation actually take place in this protocol? You need to give those bad boys some time to recover… and stop looking in the damn mirror.

But I love the mirror, and it loves me.

Just do the amount of clen that you can tolerate. everyone is different. For example: one of my buddies gets real wired off the stuff and gets limp dicked - me I can do the full protocol I laid out and sleep like a baby and fuck like a horse! ephedrine I hate but I’ll take it - I am much less tolerant to it! By the way wideguy are you taking tablets or a pump - because there may be a difference in the dosing of the tablets vs the pump - you may be absorbing more then I do from the syrup which is causing your unease.

Tabs. Just curious, can clen make me achy? My wrists, knees, ankles, and back have been especially achy since I started. Is this from dehydration? BTW I also stared winny (first time) the same time I started the clen. Is that a more likely candidate? Could it just be a combo of both? One more thing, anyone use MSM or Glucosamine to combat this?

The joint stiffness/ pain is probably more associated with the Winstol V- you can take ibuprophen for this or try glucosamine sulfate with chondroiten, or you could add (i would if I was on a longer cycle) a pinch of deca or eq to the mix.

How much is a pinch? I’m assuming this would still be an issue if I took it orally.

At 60mcgs a day, insomnia should be expected. Unlike ECA stacks, Clen has a much longer half life. So if you’re taking any after 5-6 PM, you’re going to have a problem sleeping. And no, rotating 2weeks clen, 2 weeks ECA is not a bad idea.

25-100 mg of deca or eq should be sufficient - if this doesn’t make a difference increase it untill it does, but to get the anti-inflamitory joint benifits from these drugs you don’t need to take as much as if you were looking for their muscle building qualities.

P-22, I saw you won the poster of the week award. You well deserve it. Thanks again bro. BTW what would you have rather had from the biotest store?

thx WGY: Actually I was quite happy with the redkats - was planning on purchacing some anyways for the ‘offseason’

Guess I misread your post. Just curious do you ever use Surge post workout? I see your current diet, where you use pinnaple as your simple carb. In fact I’m doing about the same thing (axelrod cottage cheese w/pinnaple chunks) and a 3 scoop grow shake. Can’t quite spring the extra $ for the surge.

wideguy it is extremely cheap to buy some maltodextrin or dextrose powder to add to your whey shake. it would make your concoction very similiar to surge.

yah surge is pretty expensive for me too. When I’m not dieting I usually just stick to a higher carb protien shake post workout, then do the pineapple/ cottage cheese creatine thing, and meanwhilehave a steak or chicken breast cooking in the oven - seems to have been working for me.

You see, this is why I chase my clen with a xanax… sleep like a baby… sometimes for days.