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Canadians, help me out . Is this stuff legal here? Some goof in the gym today just butted into a end-of-workout fat loss conversation I was having with a friend and offered to sell us some or buy some of my friend’s thyroid medication. I offered to sell him some brain cells instead. But I was under the impression that Clen wasn’t legal.

No it isn’t legal, but that doesn’t mean it’s not readily available.

Like Thunder said, it’s easy to find here in Canada. Like aas, it’s not illegal to possess it in Canada, only to traffic in it and I don’t imagine it’s even on the radar of things to look for by law enforcement agencies. Don’t know why anyone would want to use it anyway.

Possession of AAS isn’t illegal? I thought only with prescription could you hold them.

In Canada you are allowed to possess a 60 day supply of aas without a script. As for what constitutes a “60 day supply” I have no idea.

clen isnt thyroid med (?!?!)

I didn’t mean to say it was whetu; the goof offered to sell some Clen or buy some thyroid med. He said he’d done " a ton" of research on them and knew what he was doing. I asked him if he’d heard of T-mag. He hadn’t. Wonder where this “ton” of research did come from.