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Clen While on Test-E Cycle?


Hello everyone, looking for some feedback on my first cycle. I’m going to be running Test-E 500mg a week split between two pins, one on Monday and one on Thursday. I also plan on front loading 750mg on my first pin. Unfortunately I’ll only be able to run this cycle for 8 weeks as opposed to 12 or more because I have to return to the states in mid May. I want to make sure I will be able to get the most out of it in the short time I will be running it so I figured I’d look to some experienced members to tell me if I’m on the right track.

As far as AI’s go, I will be running .5mg of Arimidex EOD while on cycle, I have enough on hand to get me through the 8 weeks with some left over.

PCT will be Nolva and Clomid for four weeks starting two weeks after my last pin.

Nolva: 40/40/20/20
Clomid: 100/75/75/50

Additionally I will be taking 50mg proviron every day while on cycle to boost free test levels.

I wanted to see if anyone had experience with taking Clen while on a Test-E cycle and if they saw positive benefits from it. I have been considering running Clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off while on to mitigate any fat gain and I’ve heard that Clen can also help build muscle. What I would run is as follows:

Day 1: 20 mcg
2: 40 mcg
3: 60 mcg
4: 80 mcg
5: 80 mcg
6-12: 100 mcg (depending on side effects)
13: 80 mcg
14: 60 mcg

then two weeks off and repeat.

Another thing I wanted to hear some opinions on was whether of not HCG was absolutely necessary for transitioning into PCT? I have heard some people use it and some people don’t, what are the pro’s and con’s of using HCG? Will I be alright if I don’t use it and just stick to my PCT of nolva and clomid I already outlined above?

My current stats are as follows:

Age: 24
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 202lbs
BF: 12-15%

Training history:
Consistently for the last four years at least five days a week, the past four months I have been using Wendler’s 5/3/1 with the boring but big accessory plan. I plan to continue using this training plan throughout the cycle and adding some accessory work in between heavy lifting days. I also do Jiu-Jitsu about 3 days a week.

Bench: 275lbs
Squat: 365lbs
DL: 450lbs

On cycle diet:
Shooting for 4000 calories a day with a 40/40/20 macro split.
400g protein a day
400g carbs a day
90g fat a day

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and welcomed. If any additional information is needed to offer accurate advice please let me know and I’ll be happy to oblige.


Seems like a good bulking cycle to me… Why bother with the clen? Why not use it on a cut later?

5/3/1 BB is solid I got good results on it with no cycle diet seems cool… Diet sounds good

This cycle seems like a safe beginner cycle not sure on the PCT… Use the search bar for newbie cycle that same cycle is lined out with PCT as a sticky…

I C&B so PCTs not my thing… I would say HCG will keep your nuts man size so if you plan on getting laid while on cycle and dont want chicks making baby nuts jokes I’d invest in some


I appreciate the response, and the purpose of the clen would be to mitigate any fat gain while on the cycle and try to make it as lean of a bulk as possible. I just don’t know if there would be any adverse effects of taking the clen along with the other compounds that I will be on. And also I dont even know where I could find clen back home, so the opportunity to take it would be here before I go back in May. I just don’t know if its a good idea or common practice to use clen while on a test-e cycle. It’s not worth doing in my opinion if its not going to have a positive effect on the outcome of my cycle. By no means am I hell-bent on using it, I was just curious if anyone had and if it enhanced their cycle.

And if I were to take the HCG I have seen conflicting information about when to use it during the cycle, some people take it the whole time while others take it the last few weeks of the cycle while transitioning into PCT. Is there a benefit to either way of doing it or is one way more effective then the other? I understand that taking it the whole way though would prevent a shutdown, but will the planned dose of test-e even shut me down in eight weeks to the point that regular PCT wouldnt be an effective means of recovery?


Couldn’t tell you on the HCG… But keep researching PCT & HCG the truth is out there

As far as the clen goes I haven’t seem any of my friends use it on a test only cycle… Also yea you will gain some fat that’s just part of bulking up but your diet seemed good and the program is solid… Rather then waste the clen or water down your test gainz… I’d holster the clen and take it later… Its a pill just put it in a supp/vitamin jar and move on…

Personally I like cycles for bulking or cutting and don’t mix the 2


i doubt you’re gonna gain very much fat… if you do, then that’s a diet issue that you need to address anyway.

clen is interesting, but it might be really bad for some guys (heart issues), so you need to spend more time researching clen in itself.

HCG can be used your whole cycle, or at the end before PCT. most guys don’t need it with lower/moderate dosages, but it’s also good insurance for your recovery.

i’d back the A-dex down to .25 mg EOD for at least the first couple weeks, until you see if it’s sufficient or not…


as far as PCT, i do not suggest using those doses or that plan.

pick one SERM (nolva-20 mg, clomid-25 mg or tore-60 mg) and run it 6-8 weeks.


with all that being said, i’m curious on your bench press numbers… 275 @ 202?


I appreciate your input, I’ll probably just skip the clen then.


Thank you for the info, I’ll probably just stick with the Nolvadex for PCT then. And you’re saying run it at 20mgs per day for 6-8 weeks as opposed to four weeks at 40/40/20/20?


Is there a specific reason to back the adex down to .25mg a day as opposed to the .5mg? Just curious what the reasoning behind it is.


Yeah, unfortunately back in 2013 I tore my shoulder up on a max attempt with improper form. I wasn’t able to get the surgery I needed to repair it until August of 2014. I partially tore my labrum and had to have a lot of fluid drained from my bursa and still have chronic issues with my right shoulder. I’ve just now been able to manage it to the point where I can start moving up in weight again. That’s is why I switched back to a power-lifting routine recently.


yeah, i’d run nolva at 20 mg at least 6 weeks.

i’d start the a-dex low, in case your E2 drops too quickly… it can be a little uncomfortable, to say the least.

thanks for clarifying about your bench/shoulder…


Awesome, I will make those adjustments then, I’m all for the conservative intelligent approach. I appreciate the feedback!


I was dying to tell you something, but cycobushmaster told everything you need… just follow cyco’s tips! Great.


I’m glad to hear his opinion is backed by you as well. I’m still curious to hear more opinions about the Clen while on cycle, not necessarily for this time around. I know Cyco said that it can cause heart issues with some people. I don’t have any history of heart issues that I would be concerned about.

And also, just curious, what would be some of the symptoms of E2 crash?


with E2 crash (low) I feel very lethargic, brain fog, fatigue, low libido, maybe some joint pain… that’s it. If you don’t take care of it, but it’s not the case, just in case U use high test and low or no AI you’ll start to have same symptoms of low E2, low libido, etc… with higher, I started to hold water, mainly ankle, nipple pain I’ve never felt, not sensitive…

About Clen, I used a lot in the past, when competing, but only when cutting, I hate the sides, shakes like hell… I don’t use it anymore, I do prefer ephedrine… but I don’t recomend Clen when trying to grow… but it can be used anytime, many ways…


Awesome, I’ll keep an eye out for those side effects and bump down to .25mg EOD on the AI during cycle like Cyco suggested.

And Thank you for the opinion about the clen as well, sounds like it’s something to save for later down the road.

I appreciate all the help and information thus far.


Cycobushmaster, Is one way or the other preferable with hCG? I mean do you see any major shortcoming recovery wise in using hCG at the end of cycle instead of on-cycle?


I’m not cyco but think of it like this: it’s best to stop a problem from occurring than trying to fix it after.


I’m not cyco but from what i understand the use of exogenous testosterone stops the pituitary from sending LH to the testes resulting in the leydig cells shutting down. This starts to happen fairly rapidly - i believe there is a study showing it to happen within a few days.

HCG will mimic the function of LH to prevent this from happening if used during your cycle.

If you use HCG at the end of the cycle then it will be to recover from the damage done to the leydig cells rather than preventing it.