Clen vs No Clen?

Those who have experience with Clenbuterol, how much more fat loss do you actually experience? Say you have person A on an average clen cycle, and Person B with no clen, both same state and same caloric deficit, how much faster will person A drop body fat?

I used clen about 18 months ago and was left underwhelmed. I ran it for 6 weeks upping the dose every two weeks. My temperature rose that’s for sure but I suppose I expected better results, maybe my supply was bunk. I’m prepping for a show just now and don’t plan on using clen, which speaks for itself in my experience. If you can diet, I don’t think there is a need for those kind of fatburners unless you are competing at a very high level.

I think Clen is overrated. It’ll maybe help an additional 5-10%, and in my opinion should only be used at the very end of a diet to drop the last bit of stubborn body fat when cardio and diet stop working. Personally I’ll never use it because I never plan on competing or trying to get sub-10% body fat and it’s not worth the health risks.