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Clen vs Albuterol

Alright, so I’ve got maybe another 15 lbs to lose and I’ve tried cycling clen twice now.

First attempt: The first time my doses were all wrong and ended up taking double the amount I wanted to for the first 3 days. My weight seemed to be all over the place, I’d lose 3 lbs in a day and then gain it all back the next day (with the same diet through out the whole process)… it was never consistent. Then right around the 7 day mark, I just stopped losing weight altogether. I did quite a bit of reading before even considering the clen and it looked like it would start losing it’s effect on day 13 or so! I ended up just stopping the doses altogether and taking a break. I just want to mention I went from doing free weights 3x a week and cardio another 3x to not being able to work out at all… the clen was SUUUUPER hard on my body.

Second attempt: A week and a half later, I decided I was going to try a different approach. I started at a low dose (40 mcgs a day) and would very slowly work up to 80-100. First 5-6 days seemed great, I seemed to be losing weight gradually and being able to do a little cardio. I would lose about a lbs a day. Then right around day 6, it just seems to stop working, so I decided to go up to 100 mcg a day. Someone just suggested I keep going with it to see if there are any changes. Unfortunately, I’m on day 11 now and I can’t seem to lose any weight.

I’m just wondering if anyone has any suggestions or options. I’ve read very little about Alb, but it looks like it affects your beta 2 receptors as well. Any advice would be appreciated!! I’m sooo frustrated with my body right now!

I have no experience with clen, however I have run 3 quick “cycles” of liquid albuterol. I dosed it at 4 x 4 mgs a day(4 1ml servings) and it has done wonders for me with no apparent side effects. Each time I have lost between 5 and 10 lbs over a two week period.

Both clenbuterol & albuterol are lame in my opinion. I’ve ran clen at 200mcg ed without any noticeable results, and albuterol at 24mg ed without results. That is besides anxiety, shakiness, painful cramps, and long term adrenal fatigue.

You’ll have to dial in your diet if you want to see dramatic results.

I think the use of cutting drugs (besides DNP) is only suitable for guys at 6% bodyfat looking to get a tad leaner.

I’m guessing you did 2 weeks on 2 weeks off then? I’m not too worried about dropping huge numbers, but I am frustrated with my weight going up and down so much. If I could consistently lose less weight, I’d still be pleased :slight_smile:

Studies have suggested that Albuterol is more anabolic than Clen, while posing less side-effects, including heart growth. (If you need the studies, I’ll try and find them, but as of this moment I’m posting this on the fly).

My advice is to stick with the Albuterol, since it has the most positive reviews. That being said, it does seem that most Beta-2’s are best for the already lean looking to get leaner.

And remember, the weight you lose is only as good as your diet, not the compound.

I like Albuterol better because you can control the length of effect better. Clen just hangs around too long. Other than that I don’t see much difference. If your diet is good I don’t see how you are gaining weight while using a bunch of clen.

Er maybe post your nutrition … maybe some of us can help, compound wont work on its own if your diet/ training sucks :slight_smile:
Look up Jakes thread for that

I didnt’ find albuterol to have any appreciable sides or cause adrenal fatigue. It is a helpful aid. It doesn’t sound to me like your nutrition is up to snuff though. I suggest posting it. You’ll get subpar results even with clen if you don’t have your shit together.

Alright, I guess a little background information might answer some questions. I ended up gaining 10-15 lbs after quitting swimming competitively, then added tooons of weight when I was sick and then put on more weight after the actual surgery. It’s been about 10 months since the surgery and I managed to lose about 65 lbs clean (diet and exercise). But I’m just stuck right now, I had definitely hit a plateau!

As for my diet I always stay under 1500 calories per day, normally live off protein bars/ oatmeal for breakfast, home made soups/chickpeas for lunch, and salads with grilled chicken or steamed rice for dinner. I typically eat every 2-3 hours, which is normally a piece of fruit of veggies.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Likley not enough protein from different lean sources. Add in more good fats.

Watch how much fruit you are consuming and when due to its sugar content.

Way less carbs.

[quote]Thomas Gabriel wrote:
Way less carbs. [/quote]


Try egg whites for breakfast. Chicken breast and veggies for lunch. Salmon/Fish for dinner.

That should help those last few lbs drop off.

[quote]Schmazz wrote:
Thomas Gabriel wrote:
Way less carbs.


Try egg whites for breakfast. Chicken breast and veggies for lunch. Salmon/Fish for dinner.

That should help those last few lbs drop off.[/quote]

Maybe try cardio multiple times a day as well. Most importantly, do 30-60 minutes of morning fasted cardio.

And who is to say your clen isn’t fake. I’ve found there are quite a few sub par and completely illegitimate clen “providers.” There is only one I trust, which we discussed PM. If you’re going to do it, then do it through that.

Oh yeah, and learn how to eat properly.


I like clen. However i get better results on ECA.

Aside as other guys already wrote the “better” solution is that combo:
*more cardio (i like HIIT style EOD)
*low carbo diet (i love Anabolic Diet)

on clen i get nice results with the velocity diet. However it is hard to stay lean when shifting to a “less extreme” diet.

what exactly are those protein bars your consuming…imo some protein bars are, well…shit
i know they seem like a good protein source and they can be! but in a all out war on fat maybe not the best idea for everyday

how long have you been stuck in your plateau

[quote]hangiron wrote:
how long have you been stuck in your plateau[/quote]

Oh man… it’s probably been over 2 months of losing absolutely nothing now.

As for the other suggestions, I will make sure to keep them in mind (especially yours World, I know you were quite persistent)

2 months of under 1500 cals


Raise the calories up just a bit for a short abount of time. I’m sure you’re metabolism is slowed down. Let your body get to feel like it is normal again. Add quality fats and take it easy, but make sure you don’t gain too much back(a few pounds is ok). Then hit it hard by cutting back calories again by cutting the carbs very low and leaving the good fats and protein(no junk protein bars)upping the high intensity cardio and adding albuterol and I bet you’ll be surprised how fast you lose that last bit.