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Clen & T3?


hey guys/gals love this site , this is my first post , need some help , I just had knee surgery and have a bum back , need to shed some pounds to take stress off the knee before i can get some serioius cardio in , i weigh about 250lbs need to loose 30lbs , use to lift regularly, until knee injury in october, just had my surgery and was wondering if anyone could help me to find a site for some clenbuterol and T3? I looked at some sites i saw posted and the liguid " research" clen and t3 , doesnt say what dosage should be , does anyone know? also is the liquid just as good as pill form? AG any good?
thanks looking forward to reply , dieing to get back in gym! HELP!!

PM me if you dont want to post any sites. thankyou