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Hey guys would it be more helpful to run t3 at 100mcg per day, or to run a mild dose of clen and t3 together? If you can help me out with this I would appreciate it.

Or would and ephedra stack work better? I am just looking for something to help jump start my metabolism. I am looking for energy mostly and a light appetite suppresant. I have had great results before on ECA but have never tried clen or t3. I am looking at clen and T3 just because it is easier to get for me then Ephedra.


100mcg T3 is a pretty high dose to run, especially for any length of time. In some, this could cause some nasty thyrotoxic symptoms. Add clen to such a high dose of t3 and you could really burn your adrenals out pretty quickly and experience some nasty sides. T3 patients often feel fantastic when initially medicated, however, in some with poor adreanl reserves the mood and energy boosting effects diminish as the increased sympathetic nervous system tone increases adrenal output. So, consider supplementing with extra vit C, maybe some 7 keto DHEA and B12.

If you are looking for simple metabolism boost I would suggest a lower dose, something like 25mcg in a divided dose earlier on in the day would be appropriate. Research does show that thryoid meds actually work best taken at night prior to sleep, however, with T3 there can be noticeable stimulation, preventing sleep.

Start slow, with 12.5mcg for a day or two then increase.

If you do decide on a higer dose, use the same protocols. Start slow with periodic increases and space your doses out. T3 can increase energy expenditure by around 500 Cals per day, it doesnt compensate for poor diet, so unless everything is in order, physique wise you may not alter very much.

For anorectic effects T3 would probably not be a good idea as it can make you feel more hungry.


Thanks for the info that does not sound like what I want to mess with I may just have to track down old faithful ECA and do it the old way.


Glad you came to this reasoning yourself.


Running T3 and Clen without AAS is asking for significant muscle loss.


I do have one question is ephedra federally regulated? Can I buy it with out worrying about the police or is it illegal?


Not 100% on how it works, but afaik it's still produced & available in asthma medicine (listed as ephedrine hcl) but not in weight loss products. Quantities per pack, amounts that one can purchase per month, and dosage per pill are regulated.

Definitely not like the good ol' days when you could buy a generic 250 tab bottle of ephedrine in the liquor store for a few bucks.


It is possible to get online - whether it is legal in your state is another problem, and one you could find out easily. Google is your friend.


Thanks you guys you have been very helpful.


would albuteol be a good anabolic agent to run along with T3??

If not, what oral could be taken for that purpose?