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Clen + T3 + Winny?


I'm thinking about running these three together. Thoughts? Thanks.


No test?


as a cutting phase. Not trying to gain right now. Would you still incorporate test?


You would still incorporate test in a replacement doseage, or run HCG along side to produce the same replacement dosage.

Winny is really not a very effective drug on its own for a cutting cycle.

Id rather run lower dose test and moderate tren over clen/t3/winny.

Tren will strip fat off you with ease and is easier and somewhat safer than clen/T3.



well quick question cuz this interests me.... i can make fina, so if i ran like 50mg ed of tren ace, along with like 3-400 mg of test enan a week, would a tapered clen be great just to run along side 2 wks on and off? to lets say, gradually increase body comp all summer.... as long as the diet is high percentage of protein/fat and lower carb/sugar


yes this works. Ive done that


am i lookin at some serious muscle still? i would assume so with 350mg tren ace/wk


I made a thread called "Tren progress pics" or something like that, check it out. I ran clen and the pics are in a 5weeks spawn