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Clen/T3/No Gear


Question for you guys.

I was planning to run Clen/T3/Winny, but no one every came through with legit winny for me. I'm already pushing 6% on the calipers so I don't have a lot of weight left to drop. Without winny, should I even touch the T3? I've found few, yet mixed reviews of using it without an anabolic.

Some say it will eat muscle away and shouldn't be taken alone. Others say it's fine...granted, most these people are higher BF than I am. Just looking for clarification. I have no problem not using it if it'll eat my lean mass.

Clen by itself should have little negative affect on lean mass, correct?



I've ran clen without any anabolics on the side several times, and had good results.
I've never touched T3, and personally wouldn't do it without a healthy dose of anabolics on the side.