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Clen/T-3 Protocol


This is the first time with clen and t-3. I'm 5 weeks into a 12 week diet and I've seen some decent results so far. Here is what I have been currently doing.

Week 1: 600mg test prop
Week 2: 300mg test prop, 500mg sust
Week 3: 500mg sust
Week 4: 500mg sust

I plan on running at 500mg sust till week 10, then I will go back to prop for 2 weeks at a lower dose.

Diet has looked like this:

7:30 3 whole, 6 whites, 1 serving oatmeal w/splenda

10:30 2 scoop Metabolic Drive water shake

1:00 1 chicken breast(or steak or fish), side of veggies or rice

3:00 Meal 10:30 or 1:00

6:00 Post workout Surge

7:30 Meal 1:00

9:00 1 scoop shake or 4 egg whites

Training schedule:
6:30 45 min cardio 6 days/week
5:00 lift, 2 days on, 1 day off, total body type protocol; right after liftin, another 25-30 minutes of cardio

This is how I plan on running the clen and t-3

Day 1-2: 40mcg
Day 3-4: 60mcg
Day 5-6: 80mcg
Day 7-9: 80mcg
Day 10-12: 60mcg
Day 13-14: 40mcg

2 weeks ON, 2 weeks OFF CYCLE = I will run an eca during the 2 off weeks

Day 1-2: 12.5 mcg
Day 3-6: 25mcg (one dose in the AM)
Day 7-10: 50mcg (split into two doses, 8 hrs in between)
Day 11-13: 75mcg (split into three doses, 6 hrs in between)
Day 14-17: 100mcg (split into 4 doses, 4 hrs in between)
Day 18-21: 100mcg (split into 5 doses, 3 hrs in between)
Day 22-25: 100mcg (split into 4 doses, 4 hrs in between)
Day 26-29: 75mcg (split into three doses, 6 hrs in between)
Day 30-33: 50mcg (split into two doses, 8 hrs in between)
Day 34-37: 25mcg (split into two doses, 10hrs in between)
Day 38-45: 12.5mcg(one dose in the AM)

What do you all think? Good, bad, or otherwise? Thanks for the help



Come on guys, don't make me take this over to elite! Anyone?


I don't like the clen protocol. It's nonsensical. Ephedrine works on the same receptors, so why would you cycle it on the 2 "off weeks"? Thats like doing test prop for 2 weeks and test enanthate for the other 2 weeks...you may as well just stay on one or the other.


Thanks for the thoughts. I realize they are both beta-2 antagonists, but honestly I figured the eca would be less harsh than clen. Do you think I should just drop the eca during the off weeks? Thanks again.


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Thanks for chiming in. I should have known your thoughts on the stuff, I've you post on it more than once. I want to at least try it for 6 weeks to see how I react to it, I'm on day 3 so far and no sides yet but we shall see. Thanks bro


Ok...check out the PM I sent you...it's a link to my thoughts on Clen...I'm confident in saying that once you read my clen profile, you'll rethink your ideas on ephedrine and beta-2 downgrade.


Thanks! I'm always open to learn more about this stuff, so I will take a couple hours tonight and do some homework.



Well....shit the link I sent you was only to about a 5 page article I wrote on Clen....

But I think you'll find some good ideas on how to use clen on it.


What mg dosage do you reccommend for ketotifen if you take it every 3rd week your on clen? I assume you take it everyday (7 days) that third week, right?


Between 1 and 3 mgs every night before bed. That shit knocks me out.


ive done a few cycles of t3 and clen and have had great results.
i dropped the clen in favor of albuterol it is similar to clen but without most of the negatives. you should read up on it.

i would run the clen or albuterol throughout with ketotifen (benadryl seems to work for me)

as for the t3 i taper up but i dont taper down for the cycle i just stay at the max dosage and drop it all together when the cycle is up.there is some debate about this but if you think about it why spend a good amount of time tapering when you wont recover till you drop the t3 all together. all your doing is spending cycle time without the benefit of the higher dosage. you should also browse a few boards and see what others are doing and read the t3 profiles etc..

well hope it helps


thanks for all the info guys, just was I was hoping for. I got to read AR profile, was pretty interesting. I was not able to spend as much time reading as I wanted to, but I have some time before deciding to run 2 on/2 off or just go 6 weeks through.

AR, sadly, it could take me a couple of hours to absorb 5 pages........

Thanks again


If your gonna do two on, I would take more than 2 weeks off...... like two months off. The body quickly adapts to clen, running it(or something else on the B-2s) more than two straight weeks the beta-2 receptors will become unsensitive, and 2 weeks off is not enough for the B-2 receptors.

I have seen some dramatic transformations on two weeks, and your diet should get you to that point..... Clen isnt magic, work on your diet.


Thanks for the input. I have a couple of questions.

1) How would you run the clen, you seem pretty down on it?

2) What do you suggest I work on for the diet?

Lastly, I've noticed that alot of people seem to have a problem with clen/t-3 for dieting. I don't understand this, especially when it's usually coming from people who use aas to bulk. IMO, there is no difference. I realize that clen is not magic, either is test. But both help you obtain your goal quicker and eaiser with the proper diet/training. Thanks!