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Clen Stacked With T3?


OK the question is ... i really wanna focus on getting ripped up obliviously i know a big part is your diet and im adjusting that now but somthing to help would be great And i read of few things about clenbuterol stacked wiht a little Cytomel (t3?). But i have talked to a few guys about the T3 and they said not a good idea !

Could somebody help me out ? and just an fyi..i dont know much about either of them ! And any info on how to cycle and and post recovery would be great.. thanks jhaz


do your own reading


You one post wonders make me laugh...


For Cytomel:

For Clenbuterol:



I did this stack once and got amazing results. You can only stay on T3 for a short time and you're supposed to increase dosage followed by a slow tapering off. Clen is awesome stuff too, one of the best anti catabolics out there. Clen gains anabolic properties after a while too, which really helps when you're only eating 1200 cals a day. Definetly do your research as T3 has some serious negative side effects which can lead you to take it for the rest of your life.


Clenbuterol loses anabolic properties after some time. And those rumors about permanent shut-down are just that, rumors. Check your research.


Clenbuterol, a b2-agonist, administration results in hypertrophy of fast fibres and an increase in
the fast myosin heavy chain (MHC) composition of both fast and slow muscles. The present
study was designed to determine the phenotypic response at the single fibre level.

Clenbuterol was
added to the drinking water (30 mg L)1) of adult male Wistar rats for 4 weeks. Single fibres from
the soleus muscle of control (10 rats; 555 fibres) and clenbuterol-treated (10 rats; 577 fibres) were
dissected and their MHC isoform composition was determined using sodium dodecyl sulphate�??
polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis analysis.

Body, heart, and soleus weights were 9, 24, and 27%
higher in clenbuterol-treated than control rats. The mean cross-sectional areas of fast and slow/fast
hybrid fibres were 64 and 74% larger in the clenbuterol-treated than control rats, whereas the size
of the slow fibres were similar in the two groups.

Fibres from control soleus showed three MHC
patterns: pure type I (84%), pure type IIa (4%), and type I + IIa (12%) MHC. Some fibres from
clenbuterol-treated soleus showed a de novo expression of type IIx MHC resulting in the following
fibre type proportions: pure type I (62%), pure type IIa (2%), type I + IIa (26%), type I + IIa + IIx
(6%), and type IIa + IIx (1%). In those fibres containing multiple MHCs, there was a shift towards the
faster MHC isoforms after clenbuterol treatment.

These data indicate that clenbuterol results in
muscle fibre hypertrophy, stimulates a de novo expression of type IIx MHC and increases the
percentage of fibres containing multiple MHC isoforms in the rat soleus muscle. These phenotypic
changes at the single fibre level are consistent with a clenbuterol-related shift in the functional
properties of the soleus towards those observed in a faster muscle

I found plenty more where they talked about farmers using it on livestock because of its anabolic properties. I guess I should have been more descriptive, I didn't say it was going to blow you up, I just merely stated that it gains anabolic properties. I was a whole lot stronger when I used it and I had a lot more motivation/energy.


taking any thyroid hormone in excess over a period of time will lead to a decrease in natural production. If this is extended over a prolonged period of time this WILL lead to atrophy of the thyroid cells secreting the supplemented hormone. so be careful when using it. This is NOT a rumor its a fact.


Clen is NOT an anabolic agent in humans. Fuck, do the research. It's used for cutting because of it's tendency to burn fat INSTEAD OF MUSCLE. That said, it ain't gonna do fuck for you if you don't lift.


I've only heard negative things about clen and how it burns a lot of muscle, I don't know why you would take it without some test. Especially if your stacking t3 with it.




Read up on clenbuterol. It is not to be stacked with any other form of stimulant.

I don't know if the terminology has just been mis-used, or if there are really dumbasses out there that are taking T3 and clen at the same time.

You are supposed to take the clen for a couple of weeks, then take the T3 for a couple of weeks.

T3 should never be used by people just looking to shed a few pounds. There are very serious, permanent side effects to misuse of liothyronine sodium. It should only be used by elite level BBer's, or those who are already at sub 10% BF.

Lardasses would do better and safer by just not eating ao many damn donuts.


I don't know where you got that Schizen.
Clen helps save muscle atrophy when on, as Contrl said it targets fat over muscle anyday of the week.

I don't have experience with either, I've only used eca, and albuterol. But I tend to put these in the same class as DNP. Which is to say, they are a notch above what the casual user should run with, unless the user has done extensive research and knows wtf they're doing.

Having said that, it's entirely possible to run them safely if you "play by the rules".



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Before trying T3, why not try something a little simpler along the lines of ECA?

It will blunt your hunger, so you can eat loss. It may have some anti-catabolic properties. If you have have your nutrition and training in order you can lose weight pretty quickly without sacrificing muscle. Again, you have to have proper nutrition/supplementation/training.

And, if you aren't lazy and take advantage of the ability to do sustained cardio, you would be surprised at how "ripped" you can get.

Or you can be an idiot and fuck with your thyroid without doing some research first, which seems to be current plan.


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