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Clen Side Effects....

A girl took 100mcg of clen her 1st time one morning. Obviously that’s too high dosage. Her heart was about to jump out of her chest and had the shakes. The next day after the shakes and heart throbbing were gone.

However, that 2nd day her whole face and head became super sensitive and she couldn’t even put make up on b/c it hurt too bad. Has anyone ever heard or experienced side-effects like this? Do you guys think she should see a Dr.?

clen has a fairly long half life so it would take a couple days for levels to drop off.

Yes, clen’s half life is about 36 hours, so three days after that first dose she’ll still have 25mcg in her system.

I can’t comment on the side effects she’s experiencing, but individual reactions to drugs vary, which is why one should always start with a very low dose the first time one tries something new.