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Clen Question(s)


Alright guys, i hope you all can help with this one. I have seen clen available on the www as "research materials" and from what many people say this is the real deal (liquid form). my questions are these:

  • since clen has mild anabolic properties, will supression be an issue at all for a 3 week cutter?

  • some say to only trust clen that is foil packaged (tablets). has anyone used any of these research materials with success?

  • i understand the doses need to be consistently raised as your body adjusts to the product but how many days would you keep the doses the same? (ie 20mcg x 3, 40 x 3, 60 x 3, etc)

  • would you need to stack it with an androgen to eliminate muscle loss (i am guessing no)?

  • besides the jitters and nausea, whata re some other more harmful side effects, if any?

i know this is a lot and i really appreciate any help you can give me.


no offence mate, im not pretending to be an expert or something but for your own good (and im saying that in the sweetest possible way:p) you have ALOT of reading to do!

clens anabolic properties are due to the fact that it supresses catabolic hormones (it also supresses anabolic hormones too but aparently the ratio favors anabolism in the end). HPTA supretion that hapens after steroid use is caused by the fact that the body shuts down it natural testosteron production to reach a state of homeostasis as an adaptation to the supraphysiological levels administered to the body.

so no, supresion is not an issue, not the one you mention that is.

?-receptor degredetion IS an issue though

where i live clen is very cheap and you can get it from a pharmachy no questions asked so i dunno

from what i have seen there are two ways to do it, either 3 week on/3 week off, you up gradually the dose the first week, keep it level for a week and taper down the third week, or do a 2on/2off where you gradually up the dose the first week keep it steady the socond and then stop using the thing (either way you could also use some tamoxifen for ?-receptor upregulation)

the nutrient partitioning effect of clen is minimal compaired to the metabolism upregulation, so muscle catabolism will be there if you want to cut. It would be minimal and if stacked with some androgen prety small, but the fact remains: calories infat and some muscle loss

if you use it right, at apropriate doses etc you souldnt face jitters an nausea cause clen is rather selective meaning it heavily prefers the b2 receptors in comparison to say ephedrine that affects b1 also and inderictly the a receptors causing that pumpy-speed like efect.

the real shit with clen is well b2 degretion (which can really fuck up your parasimpathetic nervous system), hypertention, heart problems etc


thanks epote. believe it or not i did do a good amount of reading on the subject but it was new to me as i focus mainly on muscle/strength building anabolics. i read conflicting reports from various sources and i figured the best way to learn anout it was to ask for some anecdotal evidence as this is usually the best source. everyone on this site has been helpful to me the past 2 years both in PM and forum responses and you are no exception. thanks for the help.