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Clen Order...


Hi guys

Recently ordered clen from a reputable research chemicals site, and received an email saying that it had shipped, but that they had changed the label from clen to tamoxifen because of news Australian customs have been seizing all clen bottles.

Are they being great guys, or am I legitimately getting tamox?

The price of both are about the same so a ripoff doesn't seem outrageously likely.

Is there a simple way to determine what I've actually got when it arrives, short of just taking it for a few days?



Should be pretty easy to tell. Clen should give you a jittery stimulant feeling, if it's Nolvadex it will taste fucking awful. Like the taste of orange juice after you brush your teeth, except 10 times more bitter and mixed with vodka.


I was planning on relying on this. Since I'm dosing 20mcg 3xday and upping from there, would 20mcg:
a) give that stimulant feeling fairly obviously, and
b) not do me bad if it's nolva? I assume 20mcg isn't remotely near enough to do anything bad, even if it is nolva

Sorry if stupid question, I've done all my homework on clen dosage at the expense of knowing anything about any other compounds