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Clen or HOT-ROX?

which is more effective as both or these claim to be the atest and greatest in fat burning technology, please help as im very confused!

[quote]mightycee wrote:
which is more effective as both or these claim to be the atest and greatest in fat burning technology, please help as im very confused![/quote]

Every fat loss product on the market is the latest and greatest thing there is. Unless you really know what you are doing, you should stay away from clen. HOT-ROX is a great product that is much more forgiving then clen.

thanx m8 Im new to all this training stuff, ive just started muay thai after a long absence due to the fact i was turning into a fat slob, Ive changed my diet and all sorts and managed to drop 2 stones in the first 5 months but due to work commitments and other things ive put a bit of weight back on im hoping to use these tabs as a way of maximising my fat burning when i only have a limited time to do it.Do you have any tips for me because as i say im very new to this! Cheers m8!

clen is pretty harsh, at least it was for me. gave me the shakes extremely bad even on low dosages.

Just my 2 cents, stick with the HOT-ROX, its good stuff.

Do a search on this site. There are tons of good articles on fat loss.

Same here…Clen can be harsh depending on which stuff you get.

To be truthful, I really think that HOT-ROX Extreme elevates my body temperature as good or better than Clen, plus, I don’t feel like crap while taking it so it doesn’t hamper my workouts at all.

nice 1 m8! im gonna give HOT-ROX a whirl see what type of results i get,whatsort of time scale are we lookin for postive noticable results??

Purchase at least two containers of it, since you will want to run it for at least a month. I think a month and a half or two months is a good route to go; it says the longer you use it the more effective it is.

I took it a few summers back, and one of my female neighbors inquired as to what I was doing to lose the weight. I like the stuff, you lose fat while you still apparently put on muscle… fuckin wierd.

for me, I have tried just about all of them, and HOT-ROX (especially the extreme version) beats the crap out of all of them.

Make SURE though, that you drink a big glass of water with it, because you (if like me) will get a nasty head rush if you don’t about 5-10 minutes after taking it and your stomach will begin to burn. Says on the bottle to take with water, and I guess they were dead on for that one!

what sort of results did you have? And what sort of time scale?

I started HOT-ROX a few weeks ago, and holy crap, that is some strong stuff. Definitely start with one pill AM & PM and work your way up. I figured “How strong can it be, its LEGAL” and popped three pills then hit the gym. I must be extra sensitive to whatever is in that stuff because my heart was racing and my head was spinning so bad I had to stop my workout (I couldn’t catch my breath between sets!) I went home and ralphed in the toilet!

Since then I have been sticking with one pill AM & PM, definitely feel “warmer” and noticing some nice changes around my stomach. I have a little extra trouble sleeping but that is nothing new. I must say I am impressed with the effects, it packs a lot of punch. No jitters, though.

I’ve tried Hydroxycut Hardcore before, that made me feel like crap. I still think a clean diet and lowering calories a bit are the most important part of losing fat, but it seems HOT-ROX can’t hurt the process.

(Never tried Clen, the jitters sound horrible. If you want a crazy read on fat loss check out Anthony Roberts article on DNP http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=06-068-feature )