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Clen Only Cutting Cycle During Time Off


is it okay to do a clen only cycle during the "time off" period or should one stay away from ALL sorts of chemicals during this time off (4 months) ?

and if the answer to the "time off qn clen cycle" is yes so it means its perfectly fine to hope on another test cycle after the "waiting period" gets over & after doing a clen cycle ?

and how much of fat loss could be expected for an ordinary clen only cycle provided diet and training is spot on ?


I dislike you but, I'll share my experience. I just finished week 1 of it ramping up to 100mcg and I am having some quite annoying chest pains. My last day was thursday(chest pains appeared thursday night) and today is Saturday and I still am getting them not as bad as friday but still. I plan on going to the Doctor if they don't subside by Monday. Becareful...


I second this. Clen causes excess collagen buildup in the heart leading to hardening of the heart tissue.


im aware of the heart hypertrophy issue if that's what you meant but i dont intend to exceed beyond 60-80mcg.. so im guessing its on the safe side ?

and answers to my initial qn ?


First I like albuterol over clen.

Also, I would use it during a cycle.


why ?


Clen is the shit for a preworkout haha never ran it more than 60mcg and only ran it 1 or 2 times aweek tops.


im still reading to understand clen indepth ! if someone share a link or two, would be much appreciated ! conservativedog help ?

something i read off the net
"Taking the long half life into consideration, the most effective way of cycling Clen is 2 weeks on/ 2 weeks off for no more than 12 weeks."

1) 12 weeks on 12 weeks off is wat it meant ? or a total of 12 weeks meaning 6 weeks on 6 weeks off ?

2) and is clen enough to preserve muscle mass for an extreme to moderate "crash" diet ?

3) and my initial qn.. to do in teh time off period is it okay with another test cycle planned right after the time off ?


albuterol seems better than clen ! and i can get legit albu opposed to ugl clen ! so im beginning to lean towards albu.

Buds what was ur dosage ? and how was teh fat loss ?


A couple things.

1) Clen is very bad for your heart. It has been shown that it kills cardiac muscle which is a form of muscle that only will slightly regrow.

2) I would advise albuterol or ephedrine if you are looking into a beta agonist

3) I would say using a beta agonist is not the greatest idea while off cycle, if you want to use one do a cutting cycle for your next cycle

4) Look into SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) ostarine (mk-2866) in particular. I have done 2 solo ostarine cycles at 15mg for 8 weeks and have put on about 15 lbs (roughly 7.5lbs per cycle). This molecule will be the future of bridging between cycles as it has almost no suppression so it can be used from the start of pct without inhibiting recovery from cycle and while preserving gains and allowing further gains to be made through pct. I would advise running a natty test booster like recycle by purus labs or forged post cycle by transform supplements as a mini pct from it.


I would look into the classic ECA stack. That being ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin.

I've used this plenty of times because I kinda just enjoy stimulants but any CNS stimulant is going to cause strain on your heart.

It used to be fairly easy to acquire 8mg tabs of ephedrine from canadian pharmacies online, I'm not sure if its as easy anymore. Its legal OTC in many places but its regulated fairly heavily in the US as it can be used to create crystal meth. Plus it got a bad rap because of the extremely high doses contained in some of the earlier fat burning supplements, most notably Hydroxycut version one which I believe killed a few fat people. (I would caution exceeding 100mg/day) However its still available OTC at many local CVS/Walgreens pharmacies upon request in the form of Primatene (25mg ephedrine HCL / 200mg Guafaresin) Beware however, that guafaresin is an expectorant, which can dehydrate you easily, but its useful to be able to just walk into a local store and buy all this.

I think a pretty standard protocol would be:

24-32mg ephedrine
~200mg caffeine
1 81mg baby aspirin
dosed 2-3 times a day.

Some notes:

*I wouldnt take the aspirin more than once just because taking aspirin on the daily isnt really a smart idea
*I would work up to the dose to assess tolerance
*Try not to take it within a few hours of bedtime
*Beware adding other stimulants along with it, you may be able to handle it but it just piles on your heart. Ive tried adding Yohimbine along with it and I was asking for a heart attack
*Be careful to take in enough calories not to catabolize all your gains with all the stims, you will have reduced appetite and faster metabolism
*If you smoke weed or especially cigarettes be wary as of course it will heavily tax your heart, but the ephedrine (and most stims) opens your airways which can encourage chain smoking because you wont feel smogged up as easily.