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Clen+Ket 6 Weeks or Clen+ECA 2 Week On/Off


I was wondering what would be a better option
taking clen for 6weeks straight with the help of ketofin
taking clen 2 weeks then eca 2 weeks

furthermore i was wondering which ever option you advise me to take what else should i take with it (something like yohimbe), at what dosage and where can i get it from (i live in the UK)

also im not rolling in tons of cash so could you also state the cheapest but safe and great option.

thanks, i know im asking a lot but even with all the research my minds too full and im a wee bit confused.

finally i've taken eca before, it didnt have too great an effect but i hardly felt the sides. also is it worth considering albuterol over clen?

thanks again.


option 2 has proven very effective for many people for many years


Include test prop with adex and then use nolva for pct


like i said im not exactly rolling in cash


Well even a trt dose of some test will keep you from losing muscle while on the clen.