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Clen Is Doing Nothing

hello, im taking .25ml of clen and it seems to be doing nothing. i went to sleep right after taking it. i plan on starting with 20mcg then moving up to 100 and tampering down.. should i up the dosage? 

its only been 2 days and no effect!!

Yes, up the dose to 60mcgs and go from there

have you used alot of ephedrine in the past? I find if I had recently used high eph. I needed higher doses of clen. also…make sure to shake the bottle up good before using.

yeah, i have ran eph in the past at h igh doses. thanks ill try and see if it works. ill start with 60mcg.

60mcg is a decent start to baseline the effects but 100mcg is really where the effects start to materialize so to the OP considering you’re taking 1/5th of an efective dose don’t expect a lot of results until you up the dose. Also remember that your body will max out on clen after 3-4 weeks. Some people use even shorter bursts like 2on 2 off

hello again. ive been on clen and a low carb diet trying to cut weight for a tornament but the clen is still doing nothing! im on day 6 and have been takin 140-160mcg a day and still nothing, i dont understand.

when you say nothing…what exactly are you saying?..no weight loss?..or you don’t feel any effects?..take a dose about 30 mins prior to a cardio session…and see if it increases your sweating?..I only notice the feelings if I take it before a workout of some kind…when I do, I def. notice the increase in temp.

i have not lost any weight and i dont feel the effects like i did when i eas on e/c/a. I take it once i get up in the morning before my morning run with some coffee and sometimes without it. sometimes i still feel tied and sleepy all day. I was fine with E/C/A but it feels like the clen is doing nothing. i have the liquid clen 200mcg/60ml.

Where did you get it from?