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Clen in Thailand

i did not just register to this thing only to comment on this post…anyways… im going to thailand soon and my friend wants me to get clen for him… how much am i able to take back with me? wouldnt customs take it off me since its ilegal in australia? i understand lokiau was able to take it with him back to aust back in 2007 but wouldnt customs be more strict 2 years on?

so you can get it in thailand but you still technically legally need a prescription? so i cant just waltz in a drug store and ask for this stuff?

why wouldnt people/companies mail to UK or USA? will they get in trouble?

Also, most clen comes in pill form right? whats this gel form? what do you do with the gel? is there liquid form too? which ones more effective?

if anyone can help answer my many annoying noob questions that would be greatly appreciated, thanks!