Clen, Ideal Compound for Cutting?

I was looking at clenbuteral and it seemed pretty good. Is this an ideal supp for cutting, any side effects?

Clen is not a supplement it is a prescription decongestant and bronchodilator. People with chronic breathing disorders use this to make breathing easier.

It should be used for final cutting phases and the like. It should not be used in place of diet and training.

The side effects aren’t the end of the world, but the heart damage really worries me. I would go with albuterol.

can someone pm me a source for it?

haven’t tried it but had a buddy who used clen + winstrol + fat burners

along with a lean diet and cardio… he got more ripped than I’ve ever seen anyone, but he always had bags under his eyes from not sleeping =P

It can be very effective but along the lines of what Petedacook said, it shouldn’t be viewed as a main tool in the overall job.

If let’s say someone has dropped 20 lb of fat over the previous few months and is eager say to knock off another 5 with a quick finish, a week of clenbuterol absolutely generally would speed that.

At that duration of use it’s not necessary to taper off, at least not if using other things in the following week that increase cAMP such as HOT-ROX or Carbolin 19.

However, with 2 weeks of use generally there is desensitization of the receptors and some “crash,” and it becoming harder to lose fat.

Even moreso when more prolonged than that.

In addition it can cause cardiac hypertrophy. If there were a potential supplement product that worked the exact same as clenbuterol – something present in the food supply or an ester thereof and thus legal – we would not sell it because of the risks regardless of remarkable effectiveness, as one illustration of where it stands.

Also, while it’s true as eternalnoob said that the combination with anabolic steroids can be extremely effective, and it is a fact that a lot of bodybuilders have done that, I can’t recommend it because having two agents at the same time that each can cause cardiac hypertrophy simply doesn’t seem wise. Thyroid plus anabolic steroids (or that plus supplements) can lose fat fast enough; or clen (optionally plus supplements) can lose fat fast enough without the steroid use. If it seemed like there was a need to be faster than that, the true answer was to start dieting earlier.